My Everyday Beauty Supplements

True indeed, real beauty comes from within, and a healthy body plays a significant role in it. That is why it is essential to take care of our health first. Physical beauty involves problem-free skin, nourished body, strong and shiny hair, healthy nails and sharp eyes, etc. & that is attractive to anyone. Well, other parts of the body also come under the best health scheme, but I mainly focus on physical appearance in the post, beauty that reflects outside. We women go through a lot on a day to day life, house, or office kids or career. It takes a toll on us to maintain everything at the same pace. Sometimes we feel low; out of energy, sometimes health issues happen. We notice lifeless skin, pale complexion, brittle nails, or losing hair over the period, and that all tell our erratic body care routine. Our body needs daily nutrients in a measured quantity to do the internal repairs, which I am sure is impossible to get from the diet we take every day unless we focus on food only. I realized my body and skin needs something additional, which fulfill the requirements of organs so that it reflects healthy on the outside. I have been taking my beauty supplements for a while now; it involves everything responsible for keeping me fit and beautiful. It’s not a miracle, though, that completely transforms a person overnight, but to avoid sudden deficiencies, one should start filling it in time.


Biotin is an essential vitamin for stronger hair nails and skin. I had gone through severe hair fall problems in the past, and that made me aware of the significance of the vitamins for hair. I had never been too picky about the food. It just had been more of a taste than health. Back then, I did everything to cure my hair problems, but no shampoo, no mask, or home remedies worked until I used a dose of biotin in my routine. Nothing serious happens to the body until there is a significant amount of deficiency creeps inside. When I gots the test reports, I was under a low vitamin scale, and that was alarming. I never felt that I ever in my life had a hair fall issue, and at the same time, my skin began to act up, I got sprouts of acne. It was a tough time as both my skin and hair, which I loved the most, started to develop issues and coming on the surface. Having tried almost everything, I one day thought of giving my hair skin what it needs actually. Then I came across the thought of including biotin in my routine and started using it daily that helped a lot. Biotin is a B vitamin that helps regrow hair, add life to the lifeless nails and build skin elasticity and fight acne & other skin issues. Biotin is an excellent solution to people who have thinning & hair loss problems, also adds shine and fullness to the frizzy hair. C

Vitamin C

The natural source of vitamin C is having all citrus fruits and some vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and leafy greens. It’s perfect if one can maintain a daily dose of vitamin C from the source, I prefer to have natural vitamin C tablets to reach that ideal dose along with some of the real fruits. There are many known benefits of vitamin C; it repairs tissue builds collagen and, most importantly, boost immunity. People who have dull skin or always have an onslaught of acne or other skin problems can get help surely. Its an essential nutrient for bones, teeth, and wound healing. You must have heard doctors say that people with low vitamin C have a slow blood clotting rate. Also, gum health and teeth are directly proportional to Vit C. Most importantly; it gives clean and clear skin texture by reducing scars, pigmentation, and dullness. During the pandemic, everyone is talking about strong immunity fights with coronavirus and the deadly effects it causes to the body, so I think having an abundance of vitamin C can help to deal with a lot of health issues and keep everyone fit and stronger. I have been seeing the best results on my skin and not experienced any side effects as such.


The benefits of calcium are known to everyone; a pregnant woman is suggested daily dose of high calcium for the stronger bones of the baby , a toddler prescribed a considerable dose of the same for best bones in the future. In addition to this, after thirty, it is an essential mineral, especially for women, as they tend to lose a good amount of calcium during pregnancy and monthly cycle. Maintaining calcium level in the body is necessary because the deficiency can lead to severe bone problems after 45 or so.T The benefit of having vitamin C along with calcium is that the former helps absorb calcium by the body. Excess of calcium can make the body stiff if it is not taken up by the body. Overdose may act against the body, so limit the doses as per body requirement. Consult the doctor about minimum calcium dosage for healthy bones.The way I have calcium supplements is never too frequent. It depends on the time; I give it a needed break whenever I am done with my doses.

The health supplements are a substitute for an ideal diet, which I believe is hard to follow. Being a milk disliker, I know milk is not an option for me; however, i have to give what my body needs to grow and sustain through thick and thin. If you are the lucky one who can get all the nutrients in a platter, I would suggest not go for supplements instead of having a balanced diet. To ascertain, get quarterly health check-ups for assurance.


In the post, I haven’t laid any emphasis on heath supplements I have genuinely shared my routine or what help to me. Each body is different, so are the needs, what may work for me may not be working for you. Before testing any tablets, go through the doctor’s advice and tell him if you have any health history. However, in case of a safe trial, try the lowest potency doses.

Thank You So Much For Reading.


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