Top 5 Affordable Foundation Series/ Vol 1/LA Girl Pro Coverage Illuminating Foundation

Suitable for Dry / Normal skin type. Shade Reference NC25 Fair

A good foundation is a complete skin transformation, to a flawless and spot free canvass. There are thousands of foundations out there claiming a desirable skin to the buyer, but there are ideally a few economic ones that win heart without burning a hole in the pocket. There are a lot of good brands that deliver quality foundation in a budget, and in the series, I have today my favourite LA girl foundation to talk about. I have used LA girl make up products, and it always put me in surprise by the results. The brand unquestioningly has been maintaining quality with price and that the products itself speak.

Lately, I have started finding out the best foundations for budget people as a lot of beginners & occasional users look for stuff like that without compromising with the quality. I have gone through wrong purchases as well and end up buying rubbish too to find the one quality producty, but in the end, I found great foundations also which I will reveal one after another in the best drugstore foundation series. I am certainly considering points to call it the Best foundation buy. I am starting with an LA girl foundation review. If you are a beginner or makeup enthusiast and look for skin-friendly, makeup join me surely to have an ideal foundation for the skin in an affordable range.

Packaging & Formula

A suitable formula, along with travel-friendly packing, is something every woman looks for in makeup, and it certainly should be a point to look for. A lot of times, even high-end brands fail to meet skin expectations as each person has different skin with different intolerance levels to the composition. I talk about LA Girl foundation; It comes in a lightweight & sturdy packaging with easy dispenser; the bottle is not a glass one but has a solid double-layered wall. The formula is something perfect potion for day to night occasions. It blends impressively without leaving a white cast on the face. The high definition foundation comes with full coverage and light formula so that it’s not like a second skin and quickly transforms skin to give more natural & dewy appearance than ever without irritation or discomfort. The foundation is absolutely the best choice for women who looks for glow quotient in a foundation; since it has an illuminating formula that makes it possible.

Skin Reaction

Since the formula is lightweight and oil-free, its completely skin-friendly foundation. It is parabens free & full of antioxidants, so skin is hydrated & safe against breakouts allergy or other unfriendly reactions. It is an excellent choice for sensitive skin as well. I am normal skin, but even in the hottest months have not experienced any pimples. Since its hydrating, it helps dry skin to wear for hours.

About Brand & Shade Range

La Girls is a renowned US brand for exceptional quality makes up that meets every women’s beauty needs. There is a huge foundation shade range for every complexion and skin tone. There are shades like dark chocolate, rich cocoa, coffee, toast, warm caramel for deeper skin tone, while soft honey, beige, sand, warm beige, natural, nude beige for medium to light skin tone and porcelain, fair, for fair skin tones. There is a white foundation available that works as a mixer to get the desired shade out of the foundation.

Price & Quantity

The price is justifying for the perfect formula. It’s comparatively inexpensive and worthwhile. It trades for 1250 INR (16$) for 28ml. Being a full-coverage formula and well blending little goes a long way. The bottle could have improved with a glass one, but again, that makes it fragile to travel. Check out for seasonal offers and discounts on beauty websites for more benefit.


The foundation sits perfectly on all qualities of budget makeup. It can be a perfect beginning makeup or a lifetime beauty product. However, to ensure the best application apply foundation on cleansed and hydrated skin, do a patch test whenever in doubts about testing new products.


All the product reviews are true to my knowledge & experience and not involve any brand promotion or advertisement. However, the product that might suit one may not suit all skin. Ensure beforehand skin tests for an ideal purchase.

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