Bath And Bodyworks Shower Gel/ A Thousand Wishes Body Mist/ A Thousand Wishes Three Wick Candle Review

An aromatic shower routine freshen body and rejuvenate senses for the entire day. Fragrances have a unique role in dissipating stress and bring about calmness around. Bath & Bodyworks has such a beautiful soul-awakening shower collection that its hard to settle on one. The magical fragrances and super quality products are a perfect way to begin with. The scent is the first appealing impression that catches our sense as we feel the beauty through it. Bath and Bodyworks recently got my attention, I gave it a shot, and it left me spellbound with the soul-awakening aromas. I love fragrances, and therefore I loved Using the products thoroughly. In the post, I want to review some of the products, that I enjoyed using, I also like to mention that there are many on the way for review, so stay connected!

About The Brand

The Bath and Bodyworks is one of the leading brands of America offering quality products for home and body. The speciality includes exclusive fragrances and trendy products , people have been loving for years.

Forever Red Shower Gel

Shower Gel is an integral part of our shower routine, without cleansing the body with the right kind of product is undoubtedly regret for the day! It works differently with different people though; for some, it’s just all about washing up to some its a satisfactory ritual. People who love aromas and enjoy shower gel with variation bath and body works has excellent smelling body wash that makes up the day. With the goodness of vitamin E and shea, the gel moussant has loaded lather quality and skin moisturizing ingredients that keep the body naturally hydrated for hours after a shower session. The long-staying aroma lasts in the body the whole day, and that is the best part of the shower gel. The nourishing ingredients cleanse the body thoroughly and gently.

Top Fiery pomegranate, rare french peach luminous apple
Mid Red peony, night marigold, Red Osmanthus
Dry. Rich Vanilla, Velvety Marshmellow, Oak Wood
The packaging is handy &lovely, with a press opening also an adequate quantity of 295 ml for a month or so. It trades for 1299 INR ( 16$) approx. Several introductory offers are floating on the websites that make it all worthwhile, So shop beforehand.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A Thousand Wishes Fragranced Body Mist

A refreshing fragranced body mist is the perfect key to keep on with the day. In the season like spring, all you need is to have a not so overpowering perfume that makes you feel fresh against the sweat and heat. The beautifully scented mist kick awakens the body, whether splash or spritz. The perfectly designed bottle with perfect grip and a pump dispenser is effortless to work with. The best part, there is a matching possibility of mist with the body gel. All the shower gel have matching body mist to give similar fragrance formula. The packaging gives the luxurious effect and the quantity is sufficient for months.

Fragrance Description; Sparkling Quince, Crystal Peonies, gilded amber, blend of pink Prosecco & amaretto creme.

The delicious scent gives body a pleasant feeling that smells naturally great unlike strong nerve wrecking perfumes in summers. It has a kind of feminine touch in the smell that attracts and saves from body odour.

Price & Quantity 1295 INR (16$) Approx for236 ml.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

A Thousand Wishes 3-Wick Candle

An exquisite aroma in an attractive looking three-wick candle is surely gonna win your heart. A perfect way to have a nerve soothing day or night. Made from fragrance oils, blend of vegetable wax & wick that slow burn and lasts for longer than looks. The candle begins to radiate aroma seconds after lighting up and fills the room with a serenity changing the mood instantly. The packaging is unique & a perfect gifting option as it comes with a steel lid that saves it from dirt and restores the fragrance. Since the wax burns slowly the wide and tall pillar goes a long way from 30- 50 hours or depends on the time of usage.

Fragrance Description Sparkling Champagne, Crystal Peonies Almond creme scent.

There are a number of fragrances available to pick from. Each one is better than the first also the colorful jars and stylish covers make it worth it for festive or everyday occasions.

Price and Quantity. 2299 INR (30$) Huge introductory offers applicable.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Magic In The Air Whipped Body Cream

I love moisturisers & therefore picked magic in the air whipped body cream for everyday body nourishment. It is packed with deep moisture benefit and a long lasting fragrance that stays even after hours. The packaging gives luxurious feeling and is a perfect gifting option as well. Enriched with the goodness of shea, aloe butter, almond flower and a whipped vanilla it is quick absorbing deeply hydrating without being sticky on the skin. The creamy consistency is perfect for all weathers and work equally both on dry and normal skin. With damage-free packaging its an ideal pick for travelling where heavy moisturiser bottles sucks & you can not compromise with the quantity. Go for it if you want smooth fragranced moisturised body all the time.

Ingredients Shea aloe butter vitamin E Almond flowers Whipped Vanilla Price- 1295 for 226 gm

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Disclaimer : This is not a promotional post.

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  1. Olivia says:

    I’m so jealous. I can only get my bath and body work fix when I visit the states. They don’t have it here in the UK. I can imagine all of the products you got smell so amazing!
    I loved this post! 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bebeautifuls says:

      Aww! I wish I could sent it to you over. I am glad you liked 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey! Can we actually use the Magic in the Air Body Cream at night like a night cream??
    And also do follow my blog at

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bebeautifuls says:

      It’s a body cream sweetie. Deeply hydrating and quick absorbing.

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