Top 5 Affordable Foundation Series /Vol 2/ Max Factor Face Infinity Miracle Touch Perfecting Foundation

Hey Guys! I am back with another foundation from the best foundation series, I have started using it recently and loved everything about it. The foundation perfectly meets the expectations of affordability and quality. Everyday foundations are better light-weight absorbing dewy and skin- like. Who wants to apply a full coverage foundation everyday, I mean think about the skin too! Weather is the second condition where humid and full coverage foundation doesn’t go along unless you want to mess up with it. Even though colder regions doesn’t support heavy foundation formulas. They block pores and absorb moisture quickly leaving skin looking rough. Heavy makeup sucks and it makes one uncomfortable as well. The moment I applied this foundation on my face I instantly fell in love with the consistency & how beautifully it enhanced my skin keeping the tone quite natural. I am glad to put this up in the best affordable foundation series. I have already revealed first foundation of the series you can check it here. Today I have liquid and cream both formulas of the brand but i liked the liquied one more. So lets know more about the foundation shades skin- reaction and price.

Packaging & Quantity

The liquid one comes in a thick hand size glass bottle, & the creamy one in a round medium size thick plastic case which is transparent so you can see the colour from outside. The glass one has golden detailing which gives it a luxurious effect. It comes with a pump dispenser so the application is easy. The creamy one has simple twist opening and has a separate case for the sponge. It has two layers one has the foundation cake and another for keeping the sponge. The sponge is really soft and good to apply. The liquid quantity is 30 ml and cream foundation is 11.5 gm.

Consistency & Formula

What I truly loved is the formula and the consistency of the liquid foundation. It blends smoothly & with primer it glides over. It is a multi-tasking 3 in 1 formula, foundation concealer & primer. So all you need is to spend on a single foundation to get the benefits of the other two intact. The full coverage formula hides imperfections and the best part it is transfer-proof, waterproof oil-free and shine-free. You just need few drops for the perfect glowing matt skin finish. Its not a dewy skin finish however I dont find it drying, Really natural! The creamy cake can directly be applied or with wet sponge whatever suits you.

Shade & Skin Reaction

No skin complaints found even after hours & the following day. It has that magic formula that does not crumble or fade later. If your skin under is well moisturised its good to go for a long time without itching, rashes or even break-outs. I am NC 25 with yellow undertone and Warm Beige is the perfect shade for me. It’s the right shade for all the light yellow undertone skin. Since its oil-free so pores are not blocked and skin is pimple-safe.

I am not in the right shade of creamy foundation thats why not much impressed with it. It’s not what I imagined also with ivory shade it stands out of my skin. It blends well though and light effect on face. I feel I am not good with the wet sponge application. It gives me uneven skin. I prefer liquid ones for easy blending & even results. The formula is relatively dry but its shine- free &matte so might be a good choice for oily skin.


I totally loved the foundation for the price. It’s an affordable good quality foundation to try for a luminous glowing skin without being obvious and heavy for everyday occasions. It labels for 1199 INR 18$ approx. The cream foundation has higher price comparatively as it trades for 1450 INR 20$ around. Shop through websites that offers seasonal discounts that makes it really an inexpensive foundation. That’s all for today! Have a Great Day Ahead!

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  1. Olivia says:

    Such a great review! And very informative! Its always good to read reviews before purchasing a product, I hope this helps someone in their buying decision! 😊

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    1. bebeautifuls says:

      Thanks for liking it.

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