Farsali 24k Rose Gold Elixir Serum And Farsali Unicorn Essence

Hydration is the key to healthy skin and I love products that give me that glass-like skin. Beauty oils are my current favourites. They are full of nutrients that a skin would love to have. Beauty oils are multi-tasking and target more than one skin need at a time. Moisturiser serum or primer they can be used anyway. I have lately laid my hands on Farsali range & it turned out to be a great choice for me. The beauty oils are fabulous and work on the common skin concerns like a creams or serum would do. The oils are infused with the benefit of a serum primer and moisturiser so they are worth using for a change. In the post I am about to put up the whole review about the products. It can help solving beforehand queries.


The Rose gold elixir serum is infused with 24k gold flakes that gives a dewy appearance. It is completely dissolving into the skin without any harshness or residue. Rosehip Seed Oil is another ingredient full of omega fatty acids and most importantly skin nourishing vitamins C, A, E. It firms hydrates and brings elasticity. Other ingredients are pumpkin seed oil, Lemongrass Oil, Orange Peel Oil. Each oil is known for its beauty benefits.


The packaging is beautiful, a white painted glass bottle with golden labelling that gives a luxury appearance to the bottle. The tube dispenser is good for sucking oil in a required quantity and saves from wastage. There are two sizes available 10ml & 30ml which is perfect for trial for first time user. You can always check the efficacy buying mini packs first before investing a huge amount like this and regret later. I also began with 10 ml quantity & had to repurchase a bigger size seeing the results on my face.

Talking about what it claims and what does it do to the skin? The oil is perfect in consistency unlike greasy ones that feel heavy and give skin allergy as well. Its so quick absorbing, melts down in just two three swipes reflecting a glossy skin for a day. The oil has the capacity to give that delicious sheen a women would love to have. However, In humid regions morning skin routine with the oil is truly not going to be comfortable. It can make you feel sweaty but bedtime routine is achievable.

Affect On Skin

Farsali Claims to boost skin radiance with the light weight oil. Its a tonic for dry & normal skin. With everyday use I feel my skin is lighter, spot-free, and glowing. The soothing light scented citrus relief senses. I have not noticed any breakouts, rashes in the course of using it. Light stroke massage morning and evening can bring great results for sure. I have found posititve changes in my skin after using it twice regularly although its just been 15 days. I would not recommend it to oily skin people or people with extremly sensitive skin. Acne blemishes and unevenness get correct with the oil.


The oil can be used as moisturiser, serum, highlighter & primer under foundation.

As I mentioned its on higher price side so buy it for Farsali otherwise Milani also has good range of effective beauty oils & is comparatively less pricey. Choose what meets the skin needs & pocket.

Price- 1850 for 10ml & 30ml for 4750 INR (60$).

Farsali Unicorn Essence

Farsali Unicorn Essence is a pink colour shiny essence that smells like a candy. Unlike Gold Oil its non greasy, non-sticky serum which quickly disappear while applying. Its a dual purpose serum that is full of antioxidants help fighting with radical damage and water based formula meets dry skin needs. It is infused with Vitamin C nutrients that clears hydrate and firm the skin. Its not been a long time using it so cant put up reviews about skin changes, but I liked the formula which is worth using any weather. Its a good moisturiser serum without being obvious. Use it as highlighter or primer for subtle glow on cheeks. The skin looks healthy glowing & feels light. Suitable for oily, dry normal skin.

INGREDIENTS Tamarind Seeds, Acai, Goji, Blueberry, Elderberry. The vitamin C rich combo increase collagen level for a supple skin.

Price 1750 INR for 10 ml & 4750 for 30ml.

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Disclaimer This is not a promotional post. The review is genuine based on personal experience.

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