Shaving Tips For Smooth Body

It is believed shaving gives hard hair & promotes hair growth which is half true. It may give hard hair but not to everyone, depends on the actual hair texture & growth rate. I too had been following the same myth about shaving for long until I came across the idea to give it a try during the lock down period and let people know the genuine feedback about it. A lot of the success depends on how you do it. Since the pandemic lots of people have discontinued taking salon services which is actually appreciating for their own safety and to the rest of the people. It has been the most difficult time to manage beauty without needed salon services but then we found out ways to cope & its been great so far. Waxing is something you can not do on your own specially full body waxing, However if managed, doesn’t turn out satisfactory. Like thousands of women I too have come up with hair removal alternatives which not only saved me in the locked down period but also seems to be my lifetime body routine. I would like to mention I have been the waxing girl for almost eleven years & It felt there was no greater way to get hair less body other than it. I applied some tricks with shaving & it worked. if you think of less painful and an ideal method for hair removal, let’s get into the post to know more.


There are few tips about shaving and exfoliation is the key to all. Don’t expect miracles on skin if it’s not scrubbed in a longer time. The shaving method works well if the skin is free from dead debris. That further helps in reducing in-growth which gives red tiny bumps and that ruins the skin by leaving scars. Face scrubber is different from the body scrub so make sure to use a good quality body scrub that exfoliates effectively. Make it a rule of exfoliation before shaving & gradually you will notice less bumps and painful in-growth. I have applied it on myself before talking about it. It helps a lot with shaving.

Good Shaver

I never trusted shaving method until I know how much a good shaver matters, perfectly desinged for the purpose rather using some random razor. It is something which needs to be different here. The women shaving razor is little different than that of men shaving razor. A good quality shaver gives no cuts and uncomfortable experience. It glides smoothly & has perfect level of sharpness. There are really good shavers available out there. Shaver with glide strip is really helpful. You don’t need soap to smoothen the area, its there in the form of gel strip which has aloe vera, avacado oil and vitamin E that keep skin free from roughness after shave.

Combine Shaving & Waxing

The combination of shaving and waxing might sound weird but its for those who has harder hair on particular areas. A lot of us experience different hair texture on body. Some have lighter arm hair but hard lower legs hair, some notice darker underarm hair or so. I have dealt with the problem by combining waxing and shaving. Waxing strips are easy to use and give comparatively soft hair growth than shaving especially on hard hair texture. Use strips for hard hair and shave rest of the body. Hair growth has no relation with shaving its all in DNA and harmonal. I have been using this trick for a while & its life changing.


I have mentioned moisturiser benefits like a thousand times earlier, its important how you care after shave. Don’t complain post shaving roughness that is likely to happen on a dry skin if moisturisation is ignored. It feels unpleasant. Make sure to apply a chunk of body cream right after shower session before it gets dry. I make sure the body cream is thicker, deeply penetrating and most importantly long staying. If nothing vaseline works wonder for extremely dry skin and keep body moituried for hours.

Diagonal Shaving Trick

It is advised to use shaver against the hair growth direction but it is something I could not follow ever. The hair done by this method regrow faster feel scruffy to touch. I found out diagonal shaving trick really helpful here. Instead of straight glide shave in V pattern. It removes hair from the roots and skin feel smoother. Discard razor after 20 days on everyday use. Hope you found the tricks useful & work for you too!


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