Five Dental Habits You Should Follow From Today

Healthier gums and stronger teeth not only represent the grin beauty but also give problem-free eating. It is painful to go through toothache caused by carries or other forms of decay. Stronger gums give stronger teeth and to keep gums protected dental hygiene is very important. Bad-mouth hygiene infects gums too and sometimes the problem extends so much that further leads to pus formation, inflammation, and eventually recession. Teeth give us that perfect grin that reflects a personality so we should not ignore dental health. If we follow these tips every day, it’s surely going to help to keep dental problems at bay.


It’s a basic tip we know about for ages, however lots of us ignore. Brushing twice or thrice removes the food particles throughly that struck in between while eating. After lunch and dinner brushing keeps mouth clean from bad odour as well. We wont realise but we invite caries ourselves skipping rinsing after everything we consume. Post-eating rinse is a simple way to get rid of bigger food particles and that can be done frequently, while brushing is essential for deep cleaning.

A lot depends on the method of brushing. It may sound strange but aggressive brushing is the main reason for recession among people of any age. The bristles destroy soft gum tissues that make them recede. Receding gums loosen teeth in the socket & make them fall early. The brush angle should be right, It should be slanting and in circular motions for better cleaning and less pressure on teeth. Soft bristle toothbrush is compartivley gentle.

Dental Floss

Dental floss is very effective in removing food particles from where the brush can’t reach. It’s the most convenient and handy method of dental hygiene on the go. I have been using floss for a while and I can’t go without it. It’s a fine wax thread that can use anytime after eating & helps a lot preventing caries and germ causing bacterias. My dentist once told me not to put pressure on gums with the thread while flossing, It may damage gum tissue so they can recede. Have quality thread and see the sharpness level using it. I like Oral B floss, it’s a wax-coated flat thread gentle on cleaning.

Mouth Wash

Liquid mouth wash is a convenient way to maintain hygiene and bad breath problems. It is useful when you don’t have time for brushing or traveling long distances. I keep mouth wash handy during traveling and in-between meal rinse. Mouth wash prevents plaque formation and destroys micro bacterias. Since mouth wash is high on alcohol they sting a lot while holding in mouth. Many people dilute it with water which is not a thing to do as it reduces the efficacy of the solution. I did the same mistake earlier just to make it bearable for 20 secs but then I tried finding no mint mouth wash to make rinsing easy.


We all love food and the taste buds cant be controlling. In between munching is the major point to dental issues. You can’t assume to brush every second right?! Junk foods especially food items made up of fine flour get stored and cause germs. It’s tough to get rid of such particles with just brushing or rinsing. They get stuck deep and rot attract germs to breed in. Avoid fine flour completely or minimize the intake for tooth protection.

How about adding vitamin C rich fruits and rather whole fruit than juice. Press fruit fibres in between teeth then chew and gulp.. This method is good for tooth heath.

Right Way To Use Toothpaste

A lot of us take out the toothpaste on the brush and start with cleaning, but Did you know? There is an ideal method of doing it. Rub needful amount of paste all over teeth, both sides, and leave it for 5 mins before jumping on brushing. After five minutes you can continue with the brushing. This way teeth are plaque-free and whiter than the usual method. You will also notice the visible shine which is usually not there. Hope these tips are informative and helped you anyway so change your dental care pattern from today. See you in my next post.


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