Facial Lift Exercises For Toned Face

Exercise where keep the body fit, facial exercises help getting a toned face at any age. After 35 face starts up showing aging effects, It begins to droop at certain areas like cheeks, forehead chin, and neck. Saggy skin makes you look older than your actual age, and it’s not something women at any age will prefer. It’s always better to start working on skin-aging correction methods before its late. Faciallift message is way to get toned face at any age. A sincere skincare routine and facial exercises work best for it. The best part of these facial exercises is that they enhance texture, blood circulation and reduce fat from unwanted areas. The fat deposit quickly under chin lower cheek area & make face broad and bulky. With no attention paid it keeps getting double. So Girls! Get ready to apply these five facial strokes every day and get that perfectly sculpted face structure. Do it with cream serum or just without them. It’s always good for face to be a little greasy while working with hands though. Try it at home or outside it needs no equipment and conditions. So let’s begin…

Chin Push Ups

I love to cup my face this way with my hands stretched out. This posture targets under chin fat & projects chiseled jaw-line. In the first step join knuckles of both hands making a V shape cup. Place the center of it under the chin and cup it entirely so it looks like you have cupped your chin in the niche of your hands. Push the chin up slightly with the hands along the jawline, repeat it for 20 seconds. The face should be straight and the strokes gentle on this position. Avoid vigorous push-ups.

Cheek Lift

Use both hands & start with left cheek pushing up in sliding motion and support with the other hand. It’s similar to your motion on the treadmill while walking. The strokes should upto the eyebrow bone and remember to keep it upwards only. Repeat for 20 seconds and then begin with the second cheek in the same pattern. This exercise is great for cheekbone upliftment. You will instantly notice the smoothness and toned effect plus it boosts radiance.

Cheek finger and knuckle push up

These are two steps basically but I have combined here. Start pushing up cheeks first with fingers and then with both knuckles on each side. Do each step for about 20 secs and remember to keep the strokes gentle and light. The pressure should be hard enough to circulate blood though. This facial lift step is my personal favorite, it helps tone up cheeks and fat reduction from the area. Place the knuckles between cheek and chin and push the cheekbone upwards but don’t reverse it, restart from down only.

Forehead Lift

This exercise for good for forehead wrinkles where you see the skin gathering up and sagging. Use three fingers of each hand and start from below brow bone. Slightly push it up till the forehead ends. The strokes would be straight and down to the temples. Don’t pull the brow hair in the process of pushing up. It’s just a gentle lift on brows. Repeat for about 20 secs. You can always reapply cream or serum if its dry for smooth strokes. The best part of these exercises is that no matter how much grease you apply in the end it turns out non-greasy. You can include it in your daily skincare routine with any serum or moisturizer you use. Facial cream can also be a choice.

Jaw-line Under Chin Correction

This is the last step and very useful for clean jawline and double chin reduction. None of these exercises will work on just one day trial. It has to be repeated every day and twice or thrice depends on how much fat in there or how much you want to melt. Use thump and first two fingers of each hand, hold chin bone at the center of the face and swipe it to the end bone then swipe in and swipe out. Repeat this for 15 to 20 secs. If you got enough fat under chin make sure you press it lightly to the neck before swipe out.

Under Eye Lift

Under eye skin is very sesitive and reach aging real soon. The skin around eyes gets wrinkled or becomes loose. It happens when the fat depostiton on the area begin to reduce and the pits are visibly deeper. Extensive work outs too responsible for it. Under eye lift is simply pushing underneath skin to upwards extending to the brow bone. Firstly you don’t have to press the pit-skin but bone. Use gentle hands on the under eye area & message it upwards.

I hope you liked all the facial strokes and surely going to try. It’s a very effective and non-surgical way to keep the face in shape. The face looks glowing smooth and naturally blushed due to running blood. I am not sure it will help people who have fatty face due to thyroid or other sorts of hormonal imbalance. However, there is no issue trying it out. That’s all for today, see you in my next post! Stay healthy!


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