5 Reasons You Should Have a Nail Shiner

Hey folks! Like all ladies out there I too love trying out different color of nail polishes & to achieve that perfect finish is the ultimate goal. I am not sure how many of us follow nail shiner routine with nail paints. I too skipped it often but ever since I got the benefits it has become an important step of my nail routine. Nail shiner has couple of benefits and I thought of putting up here. A good nail shiner protects and restore natural nail beauty. I think we all should spare few mintues to apply nail shiner pre and post nail paint session for the listed causes below . If you love nail lacquer you should probably love nail shiner too. So lets know what are the benefits of a good nail shiner.


We all are aware that nail paint damages nail enamel. In the long run it gets rough and lifeless. Besides, we are not that particular about chemical composition in the nail lacquer. It may have alcohol, acetone etc. Alchohol one side dries out and acetone damage the shine and makes it brittle. Nail shiner should be the first step before nail paint and it helps keep nail enamel safe than directly putting on it. It always matters what quality shiner you pick. Bad quality shiner chip off faster also the consistensy is not thick enough to make a protective nail shield. Invest in a good nail shiner that keeps protect nail beauty. It saves nails from harsh detergents that come across during washing, cleaning and other such stuff.

Enhance Nails

Shiner enhances bare nail beauty and makes it look healthier shinier with minimum efforts. I love to apply a coat of shiner on my bare nails as my everyday thing. It adds transparancy to the nails also hide discoloration and chipped ends if any. I remember days when I started doing my nails with just a white C shaped edge line followed by coats of nail shiner. If you are always rushing and want to look your hands perfect, paint shiner on trimmed nails and be presentable for any occasion.

Excellent Finish

I suppose most of us know the fact that a pre coat of shiner is mandatory before going on with the final color coating. It keeps nail protected also provides a smooth base for next coat. Painting on such surface is very easy also chances of mistakes are eliminated. Top coat of shiner adds visible shine. Direct nail paint of bare nails gradually expose them to yellowness and brittle texture.

Long Lasting

Nail shiner makes nail polish to stay for a longer time and therefore it’s a perfect solution to those who complain of chipped nail paint ends. Only a good quality shiner can hold nail paint for a longer duration otherwise all the coats start shedding in a day or two. A great tip to maintain pristine of fashion jeweleries is to paint them with shiner, as it secures polish and prevent from pulling off. We all think of the faded polish and dull shine of our artificial ornamanets so a shiner works for that too.

Works as Thinner

All of us are aware of this I guess, because its been our classic hack from teenage to thin our favourite nail polishes. It works great to add consistency to the thicker nail paints and make it useful again even old ones can be brought back to work.

So these are the great benefits of a nail shiner. I hope you enjoyed reading and found it useful.

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