My Top Instagram Eye Makeup Looks

Hey there! Eye makeup is my favourite thing to do & why it wouldn’t be. Eyes speaks louder than the words we all have heard that many times. I believe if the eyes done correctly and rightly, (right here stands for the right occasion) then it all going to give you an awaited attention and appreciation. I am not a trained professional but I do what I feel like doing at the moment. I started my eye makeup with a simple kohl technique which I still love as my go-to-style. Eyeshadow and other stuff I used pretty late. I prefer simple but eye accentuating techniques which is workable on daily basis. We all are aware too dramatic or artistic eye makeup has limited scope. I am a nude makeup fan on top but adding bold and warm colors to my eyes has different effect. In todays post I m going to put up some of my latest eye looks which are totally glam and easy to create. The best part they are day to night wear & just a basic palette needs to have it. So let’s jump into the post & sneak peak into those eye styles.

Olive Berry Eye Look

In this look I have Used three shades majorly and the shades are quite common, you can get in any warm eye palette. Since I love the combination of cool and warm tones I created this look for day to night occasions. To keep the eyes neutrally warm no kohl or eyeliner is used except a hint of berry in the lower lash line. I love smudged black shadow effect on the outer corners which has totally absorbed the look. The shades to have this look are golden , olive and berry and black. Golden on the inner corners, olive on the middle area and creases and berry on the upper lid along the lash-line and lower lash line. You can always change the intensity of the shades like i loved using golden on the inner corners to middle area.

Lipstick Shade : Huda Beauty Demi Matte Cream Liquid Lipstick Sheikha

Eyeshadow Palette : Huda Beauty Remastered Palette.

Quick Lipstick Review

I totally loved the formula and shades of all the demi matte collection. Gloss is trending so glossy lipstick is a must- have this year. It’s juicy smooth texture non-matte formula which gives lips a tingling sensation of mint. Perfect texture to add healthy moisture and comfort wearing. It’s not transfer-proof lipstick and not suitable under mask. Application is fun and quality is great. The shades is mid of mauve and berry. Suitable for light to fair skin tone. The pigment is intense and one stroke pay off.

Price: 1825 INR for 3.6ml 25$

Color Pop Eyes with Golden Eye Liner

I created this look recently and turned out a great look. It’s not even half complicated to what it looks like. Turquoise blue magenta pink and golden eyeliner is all you need to create it. Since the eyes are bold lips are kept neutral with just a nude gloss. It’s a simple and safe trick to suppress bold eyes with neutral lips. I followed the same color order for upper and lower eyes. Golden eyeliner has added perfect detailing which enhanced it overall.

Lipstick : Nyx Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick Sable

Quick Lipstick Review

If you are a beginner and looking for a good quality affordable lipstick formula, Nyx is worth it. Don’t expect miracles though. It’s a creamy glossy formula and mostly nude shades are lining this collection. The shades is completely nude and therefore might not suit dark skin tone. If you are fair light or medium light then only go for it or else it turns darker lip tone lighter which looks clown-like. The formula is weightless and non-irritating and removes without makeup remover too. Not suitable if looking for matte, shine-proof texture. It’s not transferproof either.

Price: 650 INR { There is sale going on Nyx cosmetics on sertain websites to avail}.

Leopard Inspired Eyes

Bored of regular eyeliner? Add black dots and make it fun! I am loving golden eyeliner these days. It adds glam and soberty at the same time also a lot of variations come up. Color eye pencils or liquid eyeliner can work to create this look. Just prepare the upper eye area with soft bowns and apply eyeliner along thelash line. Here I have put black dots you can put any color dots or graphic. Added a bold red lipcolor which is highly glossy to do the more talking.

Lipstick Shade : Shiseido LacquerInk Lipshine 304 Techno Red

Highly glossy smooth textured formula and super comfortable wearing.

Price : 2200 INR for 6 ml 30$

Turquoise Shimmery Eyes

This one is my favourite as I love the combination of dark blue aqua blue and silver glittery shadow. All the shades are used in the order of priority from lightest to the darkest (starting from inner corners). The camera has reflected aqua blue as sea green which I think goes by default. I have put white kajal in my water line to enhance the white. Blend all the colors properly or going to look mess. The more the eyeshadow is blend the clean it looks.

Lipstick Shade: elf Mauvelous

Quick Lipstick Review

Elf liquid lipsticks are my favourite. Since it’s currently unavailable in India and I had mine from my last visit to Orlando. The formula and shade both are absolutely gorgeous. It’s a non-drying non-irritating smooth light weight formula with great staying capacity. Non-transferable kiss proof and easy removing. The shade is beautiful bright but warm pink and instantly add beauty to the face. Perfect for all skin tones.

Colourful Eyeliner With Flared Ends

Try this for an additional drama to the regular eyeliner style. Any three color eye pencils of your choice going to transform you. I have flared the ends but it’s subjective. It’s super simple quick and trendy way to apply eyeliner. I created this look not inspired by anyone but just flared jeans. It has quite retro effect and therefore I teamed up with a retro style headband. The color pencils I have here are from Colorbar and the shades are blue pink & neon.

Lipstick : Maybelline Inspirer

Price: 650 INR.

Quick Lipstick Review

I have first time used Maybelline Super Stay liquid lipstick but I admit that the formula is not so great. The formula is heavy and not comfortable on lips. I wonder if it has more than necessary chemicals to make it like this. It takes good makeup remover to wipe the lipstick that too in two three attempts. Regular remover can’t clean the strong ink. The moment it dries lips begin to feel crusty and drawn. Though the shades are beautiful packaging is stylish and price range is economic but I didn’t like the quality.

Yeah that’s all for today hope you liked the looks! Do let me know in the comments. See you in my next post with some great stuff. Have a great weekend.


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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    The golden eyeliner is so pretty . Love the turquoise too


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