Tips That Can Instantly Stop Hair Fall

Hair fall is a common problem of all age. It is not only annoying but alarming in some conditions. We all normally loose hair but if it is unusual it’s time to stop and think what can possibly be done to rescue hair fall problem than waiting for it to go on it’s own as the poblem won’t go until it is cured properly. I have had severe hair fall for around an year due to certain deficiencies, However, I never gave up to get my original thickness of hair and it worked. I did every experiment that felt right at that time. Infact, It’s all about looking into the right cause and it varies person to person. I may have different reasons for hair fall you may have others so the solution meets when the cause is detected, like I told I got mine because of vitamin defenciency. One basic tip If you are experiencing hair fall just don’t be stressed about it! It may give you even more. It is believed that to heal a problem one should stop think about it. There are ways that are hugely helpful to control hair fall and in the long run it might be fully recovered as well. Since I have had the same problem for years so I came across my own tips that I applied and worked to a great extent. Now when I got my normal hair back so I feel like sharing them all here. They are not medicinal but little alterations in hair care routine. Sometimes the solution lies in the little things but we complicate assuming the bigger perspective. In the post I am going to list down those tips so let’s have a look…

Protein Shampoo

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Protein shampoo is very helpful in hair fall. Hair break when they are fragile and week from the roots. I had litterally changed dozens of shampoos and every next acted worse than the previous. Eventually I shifted to a good protien shampoo because protein nourishes hair and control breakage from roots. It is worth mentioning that not all shampoos are protein, you have to find it particularly. Milk protien & soy protein shampoos are a kind of protein shampoos that work good on controlling hair fall. When the roots are stronger hair fall is reduced and the protein ingredient does that. Trust me changing your shampoo with a protein one will help overcome normal hair fall.


Dandruff is the main cause of hair fall because it block hair follicles and barred the nutrients that is supposed to reach to the hair strands. Nothing gonna help until you treat dandruff first. A healthy and clean scalp gives good hair growth. Dandruff is the begining of the scalp problems and alone it is responsible for hair fall. Sometimes dandruff is not visible that much but scalp itch. It’s a sign you need a dandruff control shampoo. Developing dandruff is developing a dry scalp which is devoid of moisture, such type of dandruff give flakey yellowish or red scalp. It is called Seborrheic Dandruff. Untreated dandruff further lead to many scalp deseases that can stunt hair growth and make them prone to fall premature. To prevent dryness of scalp go for a good dandruff shampoo and wash hair weekly even if no dandruff signs go for it once a month to stop it from coming. Check for ingredients properly best one has least of detergent properties and great cleansing power.

Vitamin D

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Vitamin D supplements are another way to control hair fall and cure baldness. Sometimes hair fall is trigered by internal defeciencies and vitamin D is main of them. Normal hair fall go on it’s own but the one which is incessant and unstopping needs to cure with vitamin D and it works surely. Hair supplements are many choose what suits you best and the problem . Biotin is very effective vitamin & works great on falling hair. I have been taking biotin for around 2 years and it fixed my hair fall problem when nothing else seemed to work. Be careful with the dose and start with lower mg & increase accordingly. If you experience excessive hair fall get your vitamin D tested as well. 70 percent hair fall is caused by low vitamin D.

Herbal Shampoo

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You may wonder but when the hair fall start your year long trusted shampoo might stop working on the problem. It is indication to change the shampoo with a herbal one or mild without hard chemicals. When the roots are weak even a little amount of chemical make it worse. Not all herbal shampoos are curative but some are specially made to cure hair fall. Find those and select the best ingredients shampoo that your hair need at the time. Suppose Bhringaraj, Amla, Shikakai, coconut and hibiscus etc are effective ingredients for hair fall. Besides they help regrow hair, they strengthen new hair follicles and gradually the problem goes .However, most of the herbal shampoos contain high amount of sulphates that make it foaming. Such foaming shampoos are no good to hair and scalp. They make hair brittle and scalp dry.

Protein Diet

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A healthy diet is unbeatable and great hair need all kind of nutrients. You can not expect miracles with shampoos and oils alone while neglect other essential elements like protien calcium and iron. Protein rich diet is undoubtly a key to have healthy hair and it even helps controlling hair fall. Increase the amount of protein in the meal and save the changes. Protein supplements are also another option for people who are on the run and have compromising food habits. Hair itself has protein and to maintain that a protein rich diet is an essential.

Avoid Sharing Stuff

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Sometimes we get hair fall problem from other people who have this already and without knowing we share stuff like combs, towel and other hair accessories. Sharing comb with people who have grey hair give it back to you. At salon mostly people get this hair fall problem and other scalp diseases. You might not know what people with what hair problem sharing tools together. They say they sterlise but who knows? I stopped having hair services post hair fall & resumed with much care like I ensure that the tools are hygenic and fuly sterlised.

So yeah! That’s all about the post, I hope you found it useful..These tips are little but very effective. Lately I have been off and on not posting regularly I apologise for the same. Things are swifting at my end and I needed this much break. I am back with a lot of new and useful content so stay connected. I post every wednesdsy and saturday now so don’t forget to check and subscribe.

See You In My Next..


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