How To Boost Self-Confidence

Self confidence is something that doesn’t let down even in the worst time. The confidence affirms our abilities and make us stronger from inside and outside. A confident person believes that whatever he is doing is right or he can make things right with the right amount self confidence. We all have confidence on our capabilites but only a few of us find and awaken it. No body is born perfect we all have certain weaknesses & fear inside us, we all make mistakes but that doesn’t stop us! Does it? The biggest fear of my life turned into my greatest confidence and It taught me few things about self-upliftment so in the post I am going to share my version of how to retreive self-confidence or boost low self esteem.

Make Mistakes

Have you ever observed perfection without mistakes? Well I see them quite positively, they are those guardian that keep telling us to not give up. A toddler makes dozens attempt to be steady and walk. He stumbles but tries again in hope to get succeed & finally he gets to his feet. Another example of ant that continuesly moving up without being worried of falling. Mistakes enhance knowledge and knowledge boost confidence. A lots of us are afraid of trying because they can’t bear the thought of failure. They probably are unaware of the gain that is awaiting afterwards. The more mistakes we make the chances to win get close by. Repeated errors and ungiving attempts convert into a high confidence level.

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Never Give-up

No matter how hard it is, giving up is not the solution!Infact stepping back results into an unfinished mindset that never let you stay peaceful. Somewhere that sullen mindset pulls your inner strength away. It creates frustration that comes as a result of giving up on things that were meant for you. An unpleasant mind is never satisfied and thus starts breaking confidence. We all have dreams and set goals, some goals are life-achievements whereas some are soul-feeding. Our confidence rises maximum when our brain approve something. A healthy and confident brain turn into a positive mind and body. Nothing is easy when you take up the challence you know that. It takes a systematic planning and hard work towards the desired goal. Take small steps and grow gradually instead of shooting the stars directly. Beginings can be raw but continues efforts make it all polished.

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Raise Morals

Our inner strength is our confidence and that inner power builds unbreakble confidence. Good values, righteousness, and believing in karma adds additonal power to self. When we feel right from inside that reflects on the outside too. That plays an important role boosting up confidence. Our heart knows everything good things and bad things even if we refuse to admit but somewhere it stands rigidly inside us, intimidating us lowers our confidence and looms negativity over mind and soul. Assuming a positive mind with a negative heart has open outcomes, it’s not going to help building a strong aura. Be kind to others develope a compassionate heart and earn virtues to have natural confidence.

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Good Company

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Rightly said we become what we consume and here it applies on people we surround with. Good and positive company is like achieveing half-success. If you are repeatedly being punished by friends, family or colleagues for previous failures trust me it’s hard to stand confidently. We have strong effect of the environment people and their words on the functioning of our brain. It’s hard to make a confident self with a crushed, tormented self esteem. You may not be aware but a bad company can effect your life in a various ways. Harsh words or experience never fade away it keep coming back to us even more so when we are low and defeated. Make sure you have at least one person to count on for support and mental upliftment.

Never Stop Learning

We learn dozens of things on daily basis and learning makes one perfect. No matter how much we have learnt or learning it’s never the end. Learning is a life-long process, as long as we are alive make use of this opportunity to learn something you interest. Big or small anything new or old even if you fail still you get knowledge. Like I told above, Knowledge is the main key to build confidence because then you understand the difference between right or wrong. Half knowledge or weak IQ generates fright & confidence is then out of question.

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So whenever we talk about confidence it comes from different sources and it collectively become even more stronger. Focus on all the tips and never surround by this thought of “unachievable task”. Each little step brings a level of confidence so don’t think of it as an overnight process. It takes time and real experiences. Uplift yourself on daily basis even when no one does. Mental push up is a medicine and that works amazingly.

Hope you liked this post and found it uplifting. Do let me know your thoughts and opinions and share it with the people you think might be helpful. Thank you so much for visiting and reading my posts. See you in my next post. Have a great day/night ahead.


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