Wedding Special- Bridal Care

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Wedding season is gradually approaching and it gives alert to all the prospective brides in town. A lot to take care of when it comes a wedding planning specially, the bride care. A bride has to look good and fresh in all her spirit and for that certain things are involved that help her make all fresh and healthy from inside and outside. Skincare, haircare, and overall health is very essential to have a blasting wedding ceremony. So I am presenting a few tips for brides-to be to look good on their special day. The post involves skincare & hair care routine with some other general tips that matters on the whole.


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Skincare is very important to have a problem free skin and therefore it is an unavoidable step. A lot of us believe that they can cover up a bad skin texture by makeup and therefore rely more on makeup techniques than to giving skin a deep care and nourishment. Make-up blends beautifully on a flawless skin if it has dead cells, zits, pigmentation or dryness then the makeup results are surely not going to impress plus such makeup breaks easily. There has to be a proper cleansing toning and moisturising routine for skin nourishment. Choose cleanser as per your skin type too harsh or too mild both are not serving. For acne-prone skin a soap-free cleanser is better, also it doesn’t dries. Make sure to wash face twice or thrice for deep cleansed skin. Oil dirt and sebum block pores & cause breakouts so keep them unclogged by washing it frequently. Make sure that you apply a chunk of moisturiser right after cleansing and toning. Choose a serum that addresses special skin concern like for extra dry skin go for a moisturising serum or for aging choose cermide or lipid serum etc. Check out more skincare tips here diy-face-packs-for-clear-skin/

Weekly care

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Exfoliation is a must to have step to get rid of the dead cells. Dead skin create a layer on top of baby skin, it needs to be shedding to expose the new skin underneath. Scrubbing helps in that and it should be followed weekly in a gentle way. Excessive scrubbing damages skin. It may give you early signs of aging as well. Sometimes the new skin is not ready to be exposed but too much exfoliation make it do that! such way skin is prone to pigmentation. Face packs, sheet masks, facials are weekly things and they make a lot of impression too. A lot depends on the type of product you use, so take your time before choosing a skin care products. Always consider your skin before choosing a face pack or a facial. When we go through a skin routine it is essentail to layer it with SPF protection otherwise the results are never going to be satisfactory. For an instance using a fairness cream is ineffective unless the skin is sunprotected. Make sure it is covered with a scarf and eyes with an oversized sunglasses.


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Skincare is important and haircare is unavoidable. You can not expect dry and brittle hair with dandruff or split ends. Regular oiling and steam work well in deep nourishment, unclog hair pores and stimulate good growth and reduce dandruff. Oily scalp can be cured with clay hair packs, while hair strengthening packs are very effective curing damaged hair.’ Hair should be timely trimmed so that they don’t develope split ends. Heating treatments cause a lot of damage so make sure to use heat protection spray prior to such practices. Avoid too many chemical hair treatments they are bad for hair health after a certain length and induce severe hair breakage and early hair greying. Go for herbal shampoo and conditioner. Avoid conditioner to the hair roots always apply after an inch of hair roots.

Healthy Lifestyle

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A healthy body is the result of a healthy lifestyle. Eating a balanced diet with lots of fruit and fiber is the key to a clear skin and execllent metabolism. Too many carbs and aerated drinks cause your face bloating and puffiness around eyes. Replace sugar drinks with fruit drinks or detox water. Coconut water is an excellent beverage that has several benefits for hair and skin, also it’s easily available. Water itself is a great beverage that helps flushing toxins out of the body. It has great role in digestion and improving metabolism. If you want clear skin with one tip increase your daily water intake. Stress appears quickly on your skin and it can be a result of sleepless nights and disturbed day routine. It is said that the skin regeneration process is maximum when we sleep. That is why sleep deprievd skin is dull and bloated. Positive mindset is another thing that helps chanelise it throughout the body. It keeps stress and pessimism at bay and creates a happy vibe inside- outside. We look good when we feel good so happiness from inside is a natural tonic for a healthy body. Besides follow meditation and regular exercise routine. It has several health benefits keep you fit and flexible & most importantly you skin glows naturally as the toxin are kicked out and blood circulation increases.

Nothing works overnight, you need to be regular one such routine, with gradual efforts it all gives a lot of difference. I hope the post added great insights and helped you some way. So keep connected for more such informative posts.

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