5 Trending Style Accessories

Styling has now become a mindful game! It’s no longer limited to just a few accesories or styling pattern. Everyday dozens of ways are introduced to upgrade styling & therefore everyone is determined to look chic and unique. There are thousands of accesories out there and sometimes the more the less, However unwise shopping is no good! Shop smart and useful stuff that suits your style and budget. We wonder some people look stylish in minimum stuff while some has nothing-to- wear slogan. Trends are fast-changing now you can’t stick to one, & to follow them in the same pace might be troublesome to many. However, there are some accesories that help a lot building a great style you just need to learn to use them differently also they never go out of fashion. Today I am going to take you to my wardrobe & reveal top 5 accesories that I use the most in styling up my outifit. The accesories I am talking about are ever-green and never go obsolete so lets take a tour,,

Colour-Pop Socks

Autumn has already begun and It’s perfect time to adobt colour pop socks as an accesory. I love matching neons, graphic designs or colour block socks with my outfits. It’s completely subjective how you team it up. Ankle length socks look perfecly stylish with midi skirt and denim short.

This time when the climate is moderate and less warm, a pair of colourful socks can certainly be mood-changing. Knee length socks are something that I wear the most after october. Denim mini skirt, tiered or flounced skirt look best with them. Make sure the pattern is attractive that breaks the monotone of the outfit besides go for breathable fabric which is skin friendly & comfy. Neons are trending this season too so that might also be a good color selection for a pair of socks.


Are you a jewellery person? The fashion closet is incomplete without a silver collection this year. Oxidised silver jewellery is on everybody’s mind. Have you had them yet?

I am Investing more in silver jewellery these days as it adds extra style and glam to even a boring outfit. I match them with Indian as well as western outfits & that never fails. Gone are the days when traditional jewelries had restricted scope, now they describe an outfit’s statement. Pearl, polki, kundan necklaces are hugely clubbed with formal and even casual attires. Think of a sheer top or a formal shirt a frill blouse or a tube top heavy necklace has now a way with all of it. Infact It’s a perfect time to reuse your wedding jewellery anyway you want.

JUMPSUIT @MANGO accesorised with a chunky colourful silver neck piece from @panash

Neck Tie

Neck Tie is my personal favorite. It is one of the most worn and smart accesory when it comes to practicality. More than scarf neck ties are conveniently wearable. It quickly adds that sassy quotient to the whole appearance. There are various ways to style a neck tie, knot, tucking, or even hang as it is. Looking for hair tie hack? Well neck tie can serve that purpose all you need to knot it around the ponytail. I love to wear it with solid dresses and V-neck blouses. I am not very good with carrying scarfs so I replaced with satin ties! Most Importantly It works amazingly with formal and casual attires. So keep at least one neck tie in your wardrobe for a quick styling.

Dress @H&M white cotton poplin dress NeckTie @Dorothy Perkins


Brooch has been a top fashion accesory from ancient times. Victorian style brooches are always in demand! They come in variety of styles and each one of it symbolises something related to the life of queen Victoria. They reflect vintage era, several valuable gemstones used to create such brooches. Enough of history !! The fashion of brooches never go out even today brooches are so trending. Earlier they were basically used to hold clothes but now it’s used to enhance the complete look. They complement tradtional & formal both wear, whether putting them up on a tuxedo or saree, gowns or ethnic wear it looks beautiful everywhere. I usually use brooch on solid fitted shirts or saree.

Shirt @Van Heusan Brooch @Local Market


Bracelet is not a new accesory yet a trending stuff now-a-days. They are sleek and light weight with meaningful materials. Evil eye, shell bracelets or rhinostone chain bracelets are quite in vogue. They are matched both with Indian and western. Earlier bracelet pattern was heavy but sleek is new style and it’s fun to wear. The thing which needsnot n to understand carrying any accesory is to not get extra. Follow one-accesory-at a-time rule. Bracelet is a great option for ladies who don’t like to wear necklaces or much accesories. A simple strap, chain or bead bracelet is an execllent accesory to upgrade an outfit and make you look stylish.

Bracelet @HM

Besides these accesories are many other too, it’s all about what is trending at a time. I my earlier blog post I mention a few more accesories you can check it out if you want! I love headbands so much that is something very much in fashion and chic as well. Variety of headband designs and so many beautiful pattern! Keep one in closet for extra style quotient. So yeah! That’s all about today I hope you liked the post do let me know! Be in a great spirit for the weekend ahead. Stay safe !

Thank You For Reading !


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