October Budget Beauty Haul/ Best Quality Makeup

Welcome back to my page ! I hope you doing great today ! Lately I have been shopping a lot of makeup it’s another thing I didn’t post. Actually I thought to use them first before making an opinion. I would like to mention that lately I laid my hands mostly on inexpensive products which turned out as the execllent quality products ( I could not have known if hadn’t tried). A lot of us including me as well assume that only expensive products have the best quality but sometimes drugstore or other affordable brands also give the best quality. The best part you get what you look for and it concludes as the best shopping experience. In the post I am going to reveal my october beauty haul which includes great lip glosses, highlighter, bronzer & eyeliner etc. So let’s jump into the post to know what are those products I am talking about…

Lip Gloss

I have lip glosses from Max factor, Nyx, Rimmel London & Pac. Lipgloss is all trending this year and it gives a good texture to the lips. The purchase about gloss is always confusing because they all look similiar in texture but the real feel comes when you try them in actual. Since I m first time trying these brands for the gloss it’s worth to review.

Rimmel London OH MY GLOSS( Rs 399)

Rimmel London is a quality brand in an affordable price. It has great range of makeup and thus a perfect solution for beginners. The gloss shade is 150 glossaholic and the texture is super glossy and hydrating. The consistency is perfectly thick for a better hold on lips. The shade is baby pink in a lighter tone and should go best on fair light and medium skin tone. Mostly lighter pink shades appear good on lighter skin tones. If the lips are darker lighter shades stand seperately and not look that great. It comes with a gloss lock technology for long lasting brighter shine and hydration upto 6hrs as it is enriched with argan oil. The non- sticky texture provides lips a plumped-up healthy moisture. Rimmel London is Made in England.

Nyx Shimmer Down Lip Veil( Rs 750)

A shimmer gloss with golden tone is perfect for the evening outings. The shade is Honey Pie and looks like honey with golden sheen. The application is quite easy and it glides smoothly while applying on lips. Use it alone or as lip topper to add metallic effect. It is perfect to use with bold eye makeup to neutralise lips and the formula also is very comfortable on lips. It’s slightly thinner than Rimmel London OH MY GLOSS but that’s perfect. The shade is best for all skin tones but medium and deep skin tone will go best with it. You can always add nude color lipstick as base coating before applying the gloss to add more intense color, but again it is completely optional.

I prefer to use it on top of NYX lingerie gloss ( shade SABLE) as it’s strictly a nude color which makes my lips a bit lighter after application so clubbing them with a metallic gloss makes a good combination for a change. The shade( sable) is similar to a cappuccino coffee color which I think not so great for deeper skin tones. For better pay off some shade of similar tones needs to be added.

Max Factor Colour Elixir Cushion( Rs 975)

Max Factor Colour Elixir gloss has a cushion tip which feels pampering while applying also adds comfort gliding as sometimes too smooth tip goes out of edges( just talking about rush situations). The tube is made up of some sort of thick material therefore break-free and leak proof. The gloss is not a liquid lipstick but a pure gloss with a thick consistency and have ample of shine which you expect in a gloss. Though the color is pure pink, it reflects a bit lighter on my lips as I expected a bit deeper pink. However it’s not that bad and works as nude pink. I can work with it adding some deeper pink shade underneath.

Pac Lip Gloss (Rs 450 )

wearing pac lip gloss, tear eye liner & L.A Colors shimmer bronzer

I have first time tried Pac lip gloss and would say it’s an amazing lip gloss for the price. I have pac eyeshadow brushes and they are very affordable good quality makeup brushes specially for beginners and economic shoppers. The lip gloss is shade no 15 which is a beautiful coral and suits my lip color perfectly. I have moderate pink lips so little deeper tones go better with my lips, I because of that avoid too light lip shades. What I liked about the gloss is the price and then the super quality it consists. The formula of the gloss is light and full of sheen, application is super fun and it finishes quickly. Unlike heavy and thicker lip glosses I prefer light texture full coverage gloss which is a comfortable-wear. It’s perfect for everyday occasion where it’s never too much! The shade is perfect for fair light medium skin tones and trust me it gives a fresh juicy look to the lips. The packaging is thick transparent container with a perfect applicator so go for it without doubt. None of the lip glosses are transfer-proof.

Blush & Bronzer

Blush and bronzer are an integral part of the face make up and I personally prefer bronzer more than the blush. It’s not that blush is bad as they give healthy glow to the cheeks but if talk about natural look bronzer is being prefered so much these days. The way bronzer sculpt a face and add that sunkissed glow beauty lovers find it attractive. If it’s about pocket-friendly bronzer I have chosen a few at the moment but will surely keep adding more great products to the list. In the september beauty haul I picked Physician Formula Argan Wear bronzer and L.A Colours Shimmer Bronzer so let’s know them in detail..

Physicians Formula Argan Wear( Rs 1050)

Physicians formula is a great brand for sensitive skin and for people who care for their skin. I have been using this brand for a few of make up stuff like mascara, makeup remover foundation and bronzer. The qualilty is absolutely great of all. It comes with the goodness of argan oil that nourishes and deliver sunlit glow. It’s a light bronzer and may not suit medium and deeper skin tones. There are no other shade it’s the only bronzer in the range, I am light skin tone but this bronzer requires fair skin to be appeared on. No matter how much I coat it never gives me the dark effect it’s really light in color and all that give is a gold glow not bronze effect. Again this doesn’t affect the quality as it melts beautifully and so smooth, gold glitter is also there but that sheds after using once or twice and remains just powderery bronzer. The packaging is also golden with a separate case for brush which is a perfect brush for nose contouring. There is a attached mirror for convenient use.

L.A Colors Shimmer Bronzer (Rs 550)

If you are looking for a best bronzer in more than affordable range go for L.A colors. It’s such a great product in a price which give sun drenched glow. The centre part of the bronzer is shimmer which adds perfect radiance with a sun kisses affect. So it has the benefit of a bronzer and a highlighter. The blending is even and the shade is perfect for all skin tones! It’s not too brown nor too light but deep coral side. Avoid buying if shimmer is not your thing because it comes with a shimmer effect and that is why highlighter is out of question with this one unless you want to be a glitter-doll. I had it in the best deal therefore not on MRP instead few bucks down i.e rs 270/. Unbelievable right! The packaging is little disposable type which is fine for the price. This bronzer is perfect for travelling and festive season.

Loreal Paris Lucent Magique Blush Of light( Rs 935)

This blush is a regular blush with three combination color strips, all in coral tone. One is deeper coral strip, lighter coral strip & the lightest. This is why when you sweep the brush along it gives perfect blush of all tones. It has a little shimmer which is in the form of shine and not a glitter one. I have the shade Sunset Glow and there are Duchess Rose( pink tone blush) and Blushing kiss (deeper pink tone) too. Coral shade blush go best on light to medium skin tones and therefore coral blush are always dominating my vanity plus it naturally mixes with my skin. More about this blush is that blending is easy packaging is beautiful with a mirror, applicator brush and brush case. It’s sleek and compact. It’s worth mentioning that Loreal is having sale this time on certain beauty sites so avail it on best prices.

Loreal Paris Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops (Rs 699)

I am a highlighter person and this has certainly won my heart. It’s a liquid highlighter of which just 3-4 drops are enough to make you glow from within. It is free from hard glitter particles or unnatural shine for a perfect no makeup look. It is best to use without foundation too. It’s a 15ml glass bottle with a convenient dropper that gives desired amount of the product. There are two shades in this highlighter Loving Peach and Sparkling love. Sparkling love is silver shine and loving peach as the name suggests peach shine.

It’s infact darker than peach and more on brown tone side. The application is super easy and blends amazingly, use it with just moisturiser or with foundation or as primer it’s gives great glow in all the forms. It’s a perfect choice for who love to glow naturally.

Etude House Tear Eyeliner (Rs 500)

Etude house is a Korean Brand and this eyeliner is little different from a regular eyeliner. It has silver glitter which reflects while applying and gives that shimmery eyeliner look. The effect turns eyes into dazzling brightening ones which is perfect for party or a glam look. The bottle is cute and brush is appropriate to define eyes without mistake. It can be direct eyeliner or an eyeshadow with little smudge on the line. The eyes done with this eyeliner are not so obvious but some sort of dewy eyes. The formula is water-proof and smudge-free once dried.

yeah! so that’s all for today hope you liked the products and review, I have some great products in my hand to reveiw and soon it will be up on my blog. All the products shown are reviewed genuinely and it’s not a promotional post. I always believe in putting up authentic products and quality. The ones I don’t believe in will never talk about so these products I personally liked in terms of everything and therefore revealed to you. Lately I have not been well so been quite erratic on my blog posts I hope you understood and kept your patience I am grateful for your love and support .

Thanks For Reading


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