5 Ways to Add Natural Shine To Hair

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Healthy hair is stronger that has a natural shine that stands out. Hair problem begins when hair become shine-less and frizzy. Such hair look dull and tangle easily. There are lots of shampoes available which claim to give hair shine and texture but again they are not natural always. When it comes to hair the less chemical products the better. We all crave for smooth and shiny hair that reflect hair beauty and therefore in the post I am going to share some of the kitchen tips that work amazing to add bright shine to hair also treat minor scalp problems like dandruff etc. Moreover, It’s worth mentioning that nothing works overnight that is why it is important to be regular at care routine. If you have lost hair shine too because of excessive chemical treatments go through the post to know those miracle remedies…

Rice Water

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Rice has become quite a popular ingredient in Korean skincare, one side where it brightens skin and treat dark spots another side it’s a great remedy for lifeless hair. Rice is commonly found in every kitchen and some people consume it as staple food. Getting rice water out of rice is not a big deal all you have to do is to use the water used for rice soaking. You will have to stop throw it after knowing the benefits. Rice water has plenty of amino acids that strengthens damaged hair follicles from the roots. It helps controlling hair fall and adds beautiful shine in no cost. Washing face with the same water everyday give you problem free skin. Rice water is absolutely a great ingredient for people who have dandruff or itchy scalp, it naturally treats them without being harsh to the scalp. A lot of dandruff control shampoos make hair frizzy due to the loss of moisture. Rice water is an easy to use method. After washing with regular shampoo wash with rice water and let the water be in hair for sometime or leave it for the day for better absorption. It can also be washed after 15 minutes and air dry. Fermented Rice is also very effective in the same problem and preparation is little different from normal rice water. It is prepared through the fermentation process.

Fermented Rice Water

Fermented rice water has good amount of enzymes and vitamins, It restores ph balance of the scalp and nourishes hair from the roots. Soak rice in a bowl for an hour or two, any kind of rice will do for the purpose. Stain water in a seperate bowl and keep it aside for 2-3 days to be fermented. Make sure the water is covered and temperate is moderate. The water comes out after 3 days is called ‘fermented water and it has great value for hair shine, hair loss, and hair dryness.

Green Tea

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We all consume green tea because it is good for metabolism and rich in anto-oxidants. Green tea works wonders to increase hair shine and give them a healthy look. It nourishes scalp and removes dead debris that stunts hair growth. Even normal tea that we use to sip in the morning has amazing hair benefits and it’s a complete shine booster. Take required water in a pan and bring it to boil, now add one or two tea bags and boil for about 5 mins so that the ingredients are completely transferred in the pan. Loose green tea is also good if you don’t have the tea bags. The green tea water should be completely cooled off before exposing to the hair as hot water can damage hair follicles. In this water we can add some drops of tea tree oil for anti-bacterial effect. Tea tree oil is a great ingredient for scalp problems like itching, inflammation, acne or dandruff, but it’s optional. I mix Vitamin E capsule to most of the hair pack recipes and I suggest to use in green tea water as well. Vitamin E capsule strengthen hair and promote good growth. Some herbal brands offering green tea shampoo and they work effectively on hair as they are pure and free from harmful chemicals. Check this out!!


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Whey is the milky part that remains after whipping curd. Some like to combine it with most of the Indian Cuisine. Whey is absolutely a priceless remedy if you want you lost hair shine back. Curd can be used in place of whey but it has to be diluted. Whey promote intense moisture to the scalp and hair. It’s really effective in treating dandruff in a natural way. A healthy scalp produces healthy hair and for that it’s important to nourish scalp first before treating hair alone. Whey is a good source of protein and protein is a miracle for weak hair roots. Include more protein in diet if you are suffering from hair fall and start washing hair with whey in a week or more for visible difference. It is believed that little sour whey or curd is good for washing hair.

Aloe Vera

We all are aware of Aloe vera benefits for hair and skin and it’s such an easy garden remedy that helps our hair by lots of ways. A lot of us have aloe vera in the garden that is the best way to use it afresh. Freshly obtained aloe vera works faster than preserved one in jar or bottle. Whenever you try aloe vera for hair or skin make sure it is fresh. Message aloe vera gel on cleansed hair and scalp not only give it shine but also treat scalp infections and promotes growth.

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Aloe vera has multiple skin benefits too! It is widely used for skin problems such as pigmentation, acne, allergy, sunburn, marks, burns etc. If you are a busy one and find it difficult to make fresh recipe try pure aloe vera gel here. It is very good and 100 percent pure aloe vera gel which is free from parabens and other preservatives.


When shine is the point banana is sure to be remembered. Banana has not only skin benefits but oodles of hair benefits. Take a banana and mash it to make a fine paste out of it. Don’t add water add milk instead. Apply this mixture on a cleansed hair & let it sit for about 15 mintues and wash it off with cold water. This hair pack is super easy and highly recommended for dry frizzy & lifeless hair. It brings shine and smoothness also makes hair manageable. Do try these simple hair recipes and let me know how did you like it!!!

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