Lazy Ways To Get Firmer/ Toned Face

Our skin go through a lot on daily basis also it changes with season age and routine. The more you address your skin needs the more it will help dealing with skin problems at large. Skin firming is quite a need of the time as it starts developing sagging due to age or a careless routine. Today I am sharing some of the effective and inexpensive skin firming tips that are easy to follow even without much effort or money. The results are genuinely great and are less time consuming. I have been doing it myself for quite some time and it helped calming and firming my skin a lot. If you are a busy person and not following any particular skin routine try these simple ways for a firmer skin, texture and elasticity at the same time.

Jade massager

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When it comes to removing puffiness and increasing blood circulation jade massager is the best. It massages, calms and soothes tired looking eyes.

Jade is basically a stone which has good healing properties, as well as cooling effect, The colour of the stone may vary though, that is why it is seen both in dark and light colors. Jade is known to enhance blood circulation and reduce puffiness. There is no clinical proof for that though, but I simply believe that massaging is always beneficial to the face & body since it is specially created for facial massage purpose, usage is very convenient, besides it helps absorbing the product perfectly into the skin.

Jade massager is an effective way of getting firmer skin, it helps lift saggy and wrinkled skin on regular use. while massaging it relaxes facial muscles and relieves stress. You can use with some serum or moisturiser of your choice and work with it. It is available on different price ranges some are real expensive and some are affordable under 600- 1000 rupees or even less.


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If you love kitchen remedies and DIY is your thing go for ginger paste which has amazing results in facial lift. A lot of expensive creams and lotions for firmer skin has this ingredient for sure. It has rich value of antioxidants which helps fighting early signs of ageing. It works wonderful lightening scars and pigmentation. People with acne prone skin or who has major acne scars can definitely try ginger honey paste or just ginger paste. It tingles on application some feel it very much while for some it’s moderate. Though it’s an effective and inexpensive remedy but always try on little area first then to apply all over. It may work wonders for many and it can give allergic reactions to many because every skin is different and reacts accordingly. Normal skin generally behaves well but sensitive skin go for patch test first.

Green Tea

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I have been consuming green time for good 10 years now, having seen the benefits on my hair I have now added green tea water for my skin as well. Green tea has a rich number of anti-oxidants, that work miraculously for hair and skin. I had mentioned green tea hair wash in my last post for adding extra shine to the dull and frizzy hair & now rinsing face with cold green water not only tightens but adds a healthy glow. People who have big pores and are prone to skin infections may certainly try it. Any green tea is workable for the purpose make sure it has good number of herbs. Green tea water is best to use as toner for clean and clear skin. While applying take care of the temperature! Too hot is never good for skin. It is an effective way to get rid off impurities that over time turn out as white heads or pimples.

Ice Cubes

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Rubbing off ice cubes on face give tighten skin naturally. A simplest way to get firmer skin with a plenty of glow and it works beautifully on all kind of skin. I think we all should do it once or twice in a week for a toned texture. It is best before makeup as well. The face post ice application looks so glowing and blushed. One can make their preferable ice cubes too by adding honey, lemon, coconut water or even use green tea water to make ice cubes. These ice cubes will going to make your skin better and firmer than before also calm down irritable skin due to sunburns or rashes. It has no side effects and instantly prep skin for a day. Rub Ice before bed and wake up with a younger looking skin. After long day in sun ice is an easiest way to soothe skin.

Hope you found it useful do let me know !

Thanks for Reading


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