Winter Care/ Don’t Ignore These Parts

Fall is going to end soon and is followed by foggy winter, months that are full of chill. With the arrival of winter one thing that upsets is the lack of moisture from the body. Hair face and even body shows some signs of dehydration in terms of dandruff, dry patches & chapped heels or lips. Skincare is something that is however achieved but some areas that need the best care and attention no matter what! They make you feel embarrassed and hurtful if ignored. In the post I m going to share an essential winter care regimen for the most ignored yet important areas. Continue reading..

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Major Concern Areas in Winter

  • Lips
  • Hair
  • Heels
  • lashes
  • Nails

We often don’t forget to moisturise our face but above parts get somehow ignored due to the hectic schedule or lazy routine. Everyday care makes a great difference and you don’t have to struggle hiding cracked heels or chapped lips. I personally follow very simple tricks for such parts that are easy and applicable on daily basis. I would love to share how easily you can manage having soft and plumper lips or healthy hair and nails. I am not going to share kitchen remedies or products but some go-to products or methods that will help protecting above areas.

Lip Care

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The most delicate are the lips that affect badly in winters, they get dry chapped and sometimes bleed too. The lip layer is 10 times more delicate than the skin, that is why sudden lack of moisture makes them crusty & chilled weather makes it worse. One basic tip that can help even dealing with extremely dry lips is Petroleum. Yes! Petroleum has the capability of healing worst cracks of heels and lips. Petroleum is called as CRUDE OIL as well. I choose original Vaseline to keep my lips plumper and soft, It has majorly petroleum also application is hassle free. One tip for best lips all the year is Vaseline so make sure you take care of your lips and heels with this one cream. The best thing about applying Vaseline is that it automatically keeps shedding the dead lip cells so you don’t have to worry about exfoliation as well. Honey is another option for drying lips but do it bedtime.


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I have tried many foot creams so far for cracked heels during the winter but non of it helped me as great as Vaseline. Most of the foot creams are not capable to deliver the moisture the thirsty heels want. It gets quickly absorbed and you are left with unhealed cracks. Vaseline is effective even on worse cracks & it works nicely on an overnight application. If you got sore use bandage to cover heels before going to bed or wear a normal pair of socks. Don’t forget to scrub the heels weekly. The routine will make your heels perfect for scrub without pain. Do try!


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Just like all, hair care becomes important in the dry and chilled winds, due to scalp dryness hair becomes brittle and prone to breakage. One of the best tips for the hair fall is to not leave hair and scalp without moisture. Moisture might be in the form of serums, keratin packs or even rich warm oil massage. I don’t prefer coconut in winter as it gets me cold so replace it with olive oil or jojoba oil. Lukewarm oil massage is 50 times more promising as it absorbs quickly relieves scalp tension also deals with minor scalp infections. Make sure you are giving your scalp a good massage before rinsing . It will make hair healthy stronger and moisturised with less hair breakage.


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Have you ever wondered eyes get more dry and itchy during winter. Our lashes develop dandruff as a result of dryness often get into the eyes & make them irritable. It is equally important to clean lashes with some mild non-chemical shampoo and put on Vaseline or any gentle lubricant because you may don’t loose the lashes due to dry follicles. I don’t mind using Vaseline for the same as it helps smoothen out and protect skin around lashes. It’s always better to wash eyes twice or more with cold water instead of rubbing them. You may not know but loose more lashes in the process. Putting Rose Water in the eyes everyday also have great benefits. It keeps them clean refreshing and bright. The Rose Water should be 100 percent pure to use as eye drop.


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Brittle and chipped nail ends are a common problem in the cold season, they need to be nourished properly by good food and a little manual care. A moderate length is easy to maintain accumulate less bacterias also give good care to nails via olive oil massage regularly. Triming cutting and cleaning is something that should be done on time to give good growth and healthy texture to the nails. Don’t ignore the signs like yellow, black nails or white spots as they indicate internal health deficiencies. Consult the doctor for such symptoms.

Don’t Limit The Water Intake

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A most of the winter problems solve itself when you have good water intake. It helps skin glow, less break-outs and expel of unseen toxins. It improves metabolism, also hydrate body internally which reflects on the outside too. Make sure a regular water intake should be 8-10 litres or more. Lukewarm or Ginger Water is very effective fighting seasonal cough cold and throat infections.

Besides, give good care to the body by moisturising it with a hydrating lotion or cream. The more you moisture the less winter side effects will be there. So this winter be ready with a good looking skin and a groomed body.

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  1. I really have to look after my lips in Winter, as they really dry out! But good not to forget everything else!

    Katie |


    1. bebeautifuls says:

      Yeah it’s true but Vaseline helps a lot to me ❤️


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