Best Ways To Prevent Melasma

Melasma or pigmentation are dark brown or yellow patches that are mostly found around nose forehead or cheeks. It is found both in male or female with no age defined. Many reasons are responsible for melasma in which genetic harmonal or internal deficiencies are the main. The long sun exposure without UV protection is a common reason of developing melasma in young girls. There is no need to worry if you got pigmentation it is completely curable! Lots of home remedies & precautions effectively treat the problem but you should always know the right cause of developing it as only then any treatment will work. Continue reading the ways that prevent or treat melasma.

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De-Pigmentation Creams

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Skin lightening cream works on peeling off that dark layer exposing fresh skin underneath. There are many medicated & cosmetic creams are available but only a few are effective. You have to try and find that perfect one that suits your skin best. It’s a time taking process and neither of the creams or ointment going to give an overnight success. One thing that matters while using a depigmentation cream is to not use in the sun, best to apply at night. Make sure to have a well covered face on stepping out in the sun,. Depi white Pigmentation cream, Kaya Pigmentation reducing complex, Inveda Whitening and depigmentation cream are some of the good creams. Each skin is different, therefore the effect of the product varies. If your problem is bigger visit a dermatologist for a guided treatment.

Check Out These Too

Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is a must-have to prevent or treat an existing melasma. It has skin lightening & regeneration properties. It keeps skin clean and clear also combats acne & whiteheads. Vitamin C is the solution for dull uneven and blemish prone skin. It works both ways whether to use via supplement, serums or creams. It is that one vitamin that is essential for a healthy and glowing skin. Such skin gets least skin infections & is more youthful. Include a pure vitamin C serum in skin routine to treat melasma or prevent in future. Daily consumption of citrus fruit keep the skin problems at bay. Vitamin C supplements are another option for a hectic lifestyle.

Daily SPF

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A daily SPF is as important as anything else in the skin routine. The harmful sun rays effect our skin many ways. Sometimes give the worst skin problems, melasma or sunburn is the most common. In worst cases it may cause severe hyperpigmentation. Naked sun rays worsen an existing melasma condition. Choose a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects skin to the innermost layers and not let melasma effect you. If you already have it will help decreasing the problem.

A very common myth that sunscreen is not needed indoor! Yes it is needed everyday outdoor or indoor. SPF 30 for normal exposure 40+ for more!


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Milk is a great nutrition for skin and body. Milk has amazing skin lightening benefits, not only keeps skin glowing but also help curing melasma naturally. People who have more milk consumption have visibly better skin texture. Milk has lactic acid we all know and it’s very helpful for boosting collagen. Milk is a great treatment for sunburns or damaged skin. Use cold and unboiled milk as toner.

Mix one tbs turmeric powder in half cup of raw milk and apply on pigmented skin, It controls melanin and improve complexion.


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There is a medication available in Ayurveda, Homeopathy & Allopathy that targets the problem but homeopathy has permanent cure of melasma as it addresses the right cause. Some people experience return of the problem after ceasing the medication in some cases that says post treatment too it is important to take care of the skin. Some women complain about melasma during the pregnancy also liver abnormalities are responsible for it. It all depends what people has what cause for getting the problem & once it is known the problem is cured.

What Should Not Do ?

  • Vigorous rubbing or scrubbing.
  • Bleaching agents
  • Excessive use of whitening creams
  • Ignore health
  • Get health Checkup.

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