Tips That Can Reverse Hair Greying

It is common to have grey hair after 35 or 40, but grey hair now happening at any age that reflects a nutrition paucity or careless hair routine. Hair shaft made up of protein and to make them breakage free and stronger from the roots, protein is an essential nutrient. There are some great methods that are completely safe and effective reverse hair greying, These are the best tips that prevent early hair greying as well. If you have just 2-3 grey hair start applying these preventives, it will help control them increasing in number. Continue reading….

Amla( Indian Gooseberry)

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Indian Gooseerry or Amla (Hindi) is a vitamin C rich fruit which is an excellent remedy for early hair greying. Daily consumption of amla not only gives longer thicker and black hair but also help fighting body infections. It has good amount of antioxidants and iron that maintain hair texture and prevents hair problems. It is observed people who eat amla everyday have an extended hair greying and less hair fall problems. It is best to use raw or oil form, both ways are boon for hair.

Homemade Amla Oil For Black Hair

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Regular use of amla oil nourishes scalp and promotes good hair growth. To make it at home slice a few gooseberries and boil into a cup of coconut or olive oil. As winter starts coconut oil cools head causing cold so make sure not use coconut oil in winter but summer. Add one tbs Fenugreek seeds, Black seed oil and a bowl of dried and crushed curry leaves and let it simmer on a low flame for about 5 minutes. Don’t boil too much as it will destroy the goodness of the ingredients. Let it cool & packed in a glass container and use it everyday for great hair growth, hair fall and premature greying. It will gradually stop hair greying make them look blacker and fuller.


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One of the main reasons of premature greying is the low B12 level. Deficiency can lead to weak hair roots and early greying. Hair are more frizzy & lifeless. It is an essential vitamin to have good hair growth. Hair greying often occurs when you do not have enough nutrition supply to the hair follicles, resulting to more breakage even without combing & grey hair. People who have low iron generally develop early greying problem. Keep a good health check if hair fall or greying is something you started experiencing recently. Biotin is a great hair supplement that covers most of the vitamin B.

Shikakai( Acacia concina)

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Acacia concina or Shikakai is a shrub that helps preventing premature greying. It is an effective treatment for retaining hair moisture which fades due to excessive hair treatments or pollution. Shikakai usually used in powder form which is homemade or readymade. It is rich of vitamins & a great source to grow hair faster and keep the existing hair black for a longer time. It delays premature hair greying by nourishing hair from roots to tips. Some people complain about dry hair after using shikakai but that completely varies. It is important to give hair a good oil massage before rinsing and use conditioner post wash to keep hair soft and smooth.

Sun Protection

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Harmful sun rays also play an important role in early greying, and lifeless hair. It’s always good to cover hair in case of long sun exposure. Though early morning rays are very good for hair health, as they are vitamin D rich and promotes hair growth. The intensity of sun rays are the maximum from 11 to 2pm so they effect our skin & hair the most during these hours. Scarf, Cap or heat protection sprays or serums are the way to protect hair cuticle from being dry and faded.

Black Tea

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Black tea strengthens & nourishes hair strands & stop them from shedding. Black tea wash restores natural hair pigment and prevent early fall and greying. Black tea increases blood flow that stimulates hair growth. It adds natural shine to the dull and frizzy hair also combat hair loss. Black tea is good source of caffeine which according to studies boosts hair growth and maintain scalp health. Wash hair with cool black tea water to have black thicker and stronger hair.


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Henna or Mehendi also works as natural dye if prepared in a specific way. Some people use it to have naturally black hair. Henna is a natural conditioner so used to give a heathy shine to hair.

Henna for black hair

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Take green henna leaves or powder soak in an iron utensil over night. Fenugreek powder 1 tbs, black tea water as required 1tbs coffee powder, 1 tbs Shikakai powder,1 tbs dried amla powder also to added in the same paste. The iron pot has special effect on the blackening of the paste, the more blacker the better. Iron pot releases iron that makes it darker. To apply use a brush or hands! Colour them globally or as required. It blackens hair and also keep hair stronger and lustrous.


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Healthy diet plays an important role to get beautiful hair, Hair problems often arise due to unhealthy eating habits. A diet full of protien calcium and iron is all you need to have to control hair related problems. Pulses, nuts, meats, eggs are protein rich food, consumption of them all gives healthy hair and skin texture. Don’t deprive yourself from eating healthy as it’s the key to a stronger body on whole. Early greying is so common now a days and it has no age, even an 8 eight kid has grey hair. The excessive consumption of junk make kids lack of those essential vitamins that are needed for an overall body growth & maintenance.

Thank you so much for reading.


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