Skin Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is known as mood enhancing beverage and lots of people start their morning with a steaming cup of coffee, even I do. Coffee has great benefits if consume in a right way. It is not only a beverage but also used in skincare widely and it’s quite effective. Coffee comes under different brands and quality also the beans are of various kind. Lately I have been using coffee for my skin and body & it’s feels good to share that it does do wonders. If you want to include coffee in your skincare regimen do read the benefits…

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Brightening effect

Coffee contain a stimulant Caffeine which helps reduce puffiness & tightens skin. It has great effect on skin whitening. Coffee scrubs and masks on regular use give skin a lighter tone and enhance the dull complexion. The best part it has no side effect & usually suits all skin types. A coarse coffee powder mixed with honey or lemon gives instant brightening & removes sign of fatigue.

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Wrinkle Control

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Coffee has wrinkle controlling power that is why it is quite effective remedy in early signs of ageing. It works well on fine lines and tone up face. Coffee masks fade out dark spot and control melanin production. It is good to use raw or mixed with suitable ingredients that address multiple skin problems. I have been using coffee powder mixed with honey & it looks that it has improved my complexion and my face looks more sculpted now that is because of the removed puffiness. Lemon is another ingredient if you want to mix but again lemon may cause irritation to sensitive or acne prone skin so I skip lemon but go ahead if that suits you.

Excellent exfoliator

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Coffee is an excellent exfoliator that nicely clears dead skin cells and smooth out skin texture. The rough texture of coffee makes it a perfect scrub for everyday use. Exfoliation done with coffee powder cleans up impurities and shrinks open pores. As it fixes inflammation causing bacteria also acne problem is reduced. It doesn’t let bacteria grow so visibility cleaner and improved skin texture.


The effect of coffee scrub or mask is very mild on skin. It is free from chemicals or preservatives it has natural skin rejuvenating properties. The consistent use make skin radiant with less blackheads or whiteheads. The skin glows from inside as the flow of blood circulation increases during the application. It rejuvenates firms and improves skin condition.

Targets Cellulite

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Cellulite is lumpy flesh on stomach, thighs, hips or buttocks. It is a fat deposited underneath the skin. Coffee scrub effectively works on increasing blood circulation by which skin has less cellulite, But it takes a plenty of time & a regular routine . To prepare a body scrub out of coffee powder is super simple and easy, it is actually a hassle free body polishing scrub that brightens and smoothens body for better looking. Just take a suitable amount wet it with milk or honey or lemon juice and start rubbing off body in a gentle manner.

So if you are looking for quick and effective scrub try coffee and it will give your skin visible results.


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