Reasons Why You Should Use Retinol For Skin After 30

Our skin need good diet & certain ingredients to deal with external pollutants and internal changes after 30. As the age passes skin needs good nutrition and hydration as dryness brings early ageing. When your skin is deprived of sufficient hydration it will have wrinkles and fine lines at early age also prominent pigmentation or blemishes. It is said that a good water intake keeps our skin clear from impurities & makes it glow from inside besides retinol externally heals protects and fight early signs of ageing. In the post I am going to share why retinol is an important ingredient after 30 and it surely makes skin better. You can have it through creams lotions or serums so let’s jump into the post to have more knowledge about the benefits of retinol…. Continue reading.


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Retinoid is a derivative of retinol & is a very effective cure of acne. It cures acne by opening pores which is clogged by bacterias. During my college days I once had severe acne onslaught and it was painful due to the pus accumulated. After doing every thing from medications to home remedies, I stumbled on a retinol cream that helped me completely getting off my acne problems for life. It cures firstly by increasing the problem then heal it throughly. Retinoid may cause inflammation in under surface acnes & pop it upwards so initial days might be horrible because of pus and redness on the problematic areas but after 3-4 days it starts drying off with reduced pain. Soon after dried dead acne layer falls off leaving the surface without any scars.

The point worth mentioning is that don’t pop your acne ever if you want a successful retinoid treatment as popping acne cause permanent scar which might be unpleasant.


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Retinol helps a lot preventing early signs of ageing that involves wrinkles or fine lines. All anti-ageing products often contain retinol & results are great. It increases collagen therefore skin looks more plumper and smooth. It fixes dry skin problems and nourishes from inside. People who have extremely dry skin and no cream is enough to give desired hydration, choose retinol as a solution. Dry skin attracts blemishes fast it looks stretchy and later turn into a wrinkled skin. The more your skin is hydrated the less chances of early ageing.

Retinol is safe to use after 30 or even before, if you have persistent dry skin and even worse during winter it might help. Always check how it reacts with your skin so go for patch test first. It suits most of the people and reacts to some people so to ensure safe application use little amount.

Improves texture

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It improves uneven skin texture makes it even and better. Dark spots, pigmentation or other kind of spots are cured by retinol. If you are tired of getting rid of acne scars try it as it may have the solution. it comes in potency of 0.1, 0.5, 0.005 which shows the actual proportion of retinol in the cream. If you are first time user go for 0.5 or even 0.1 just to ensure that it is good to your skin. It is advised to use on the affected areas and not around the nose mouth or eyes.

Skin safe

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Retinol is safe to skin without any known side effects but since each skin is different there might be little reactions of course. While you go under retinol treatment avoid going in the sun with bare skin it may have harmful effects. It may give more pigmentation as the skin becomes sensitive to the sun rays in the duration of treatment. Make sure to apply a suitable SPF before going out or just cover face. Apply retinol only in the nights not day.


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Thank you so much for reading.


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