Last Minute Home Makeover For Christmas

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Christmas has almost arrived and still a lot of preparations are pending. The home makeover is something that takes most of the time and energy yet sometimes it’s difficult to get the right kind of decor theme in a short time. If you are the one who could not manage enough time for home decoration let me help you with quick makeover tips for Christmas Eve & is surely going to be eye-catching to the guests & a beautiful place for your eyes as well. Let’s know how to do a quick home makeover for festive vibe.

Lamps & Lights

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The best way to lighten up any space in a short time is to put lamp shades or wall lights. It instantly changes the entire room look, make it more warmer and luxurious. Festivals give us the chance to include more lighting in the place around. The long lamps or table lamps are perfect for that purpose, even fairy lights look decent put up in any space. Use them for corners or nooks to get a pleasant sight. Usually winter season requires more warmth indoor which is possible through the lamps and lights.

Cushions & Throws

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Believe or not a simple space or a living area can immediately be transformed by the suitable colors of cushions and throws. The design or pattern is always subjective. In winter usually warm colors look good and give a cozy feel. Change your old cushions with some fur cushions embellished throws to add a new look to the area. I personally love to match embroidered cushions with abstract prints! However, refrain of violating colors. Matching dark colors with some nude or whites never go wrong. Moreover, in case of confusion place embellished beige with suitable colors of embroidered cushions to make it look all new and festive. Whites and nudes balance the color disturbance so use them to neutralise the equation.


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Since it’s Christmas add bunch of candles to every corner you can think of. The fragrant candles are good to freshen up the air while pillar candles or other sort of decorative ones used to enhance the decor theme. Put one or two bold color candles matching with the prominent theme color. T-light candle holders are available in beautiful designs and add so much to the decor. Floating candles placed in bowl of petal water looks absolutely welcoming during the festivals. Keep such bowls in different spaces

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Rugs & Carpet

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Rugs does a lot to add richness to the room, bigger rooms get fulfilled and smaller rooms gets compact, even a bad flooring be covered with a nice carpet changing it all together. During winters carpet feels nice to walk on and saves from chilly floor. Placing a runner by the bed gives harmony to the decor. Place brighter and colourful carpets to the living area and similar rugs to the hallway to make it look new and afresh.


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Flowers make any decor theme complete and are the easiest way to enhance any style . Fresh flower or artificial if add in a needed proportion is a quick way to spruce up any space. Make sure to keep suitable color flowers to maintain the decor harmony. Too much or too many varieties can create chaos to the viewer so avoid doing it. Keep it minimal and impressive.

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Decorative Mirror

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Decorative mirror gives illusion of a bigger space if the room is small also gives vintage touch to the home look. Mirrors are an easy way to beautify any space without much effort. Hang it on an empty wall to have a shiny reflection or on the dinning room wall for a luxurious effect or in the gallery area for a bigger space reflection. Acrylic mirror wall stickers also might be used for a low budget decor. It’s a last minute decor tip for a guaranteed success. In addition to that hang bells on the doors or in the nooks to reflect a pure Christmas vibe.

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