Everyday Hand Care Routine

In winter, hands get annoyingly dry & even people complain about dark and hard knuckles that appear only during the season. Hand care becomes very important even more so in winter in order to get good nourishment and moisture to keep the hands soft and crack-free. There is no bulky hand care routine it’s just few very simple steps which are workable on daily basis. If you follow them regularly it will be a visible difference in hand texture and tone. Today I am going to share my everyday hand care routine that I do mostly in winter as I need lots of moisture to protect my body against dry the weather. Continue reading…..


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The very first step which I follow is to rub a freshly cut lemon on my hands. Lemon is a natural bleach also a great source of vitamin C. It helps lighten dark skin tone also removes dead skin cells. It is really good for people who have dark knuckles or joints. Vitamin C present in lemon naturally brightens and evens out skin texture.

How to do it?

If you want to exfoliate with lemon use one tbs of brown sugar or a pinch of baking soda to get instant fair hands. Take about two tbs of lemon juice a pinch of baking soda or white salt, half tbs rice flour and honey. Mix them together, massage for about 5-6 minutes and rinse with cold water. It makes hands soft and visibly fairer. Don’t forget to put on some lotion or cream.


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When it comes to winter dryness glycerin becomes an essential ingredient of skincare. Glycerin gives intense moisture and removes dryness from within! It has a very soothing effect on hands therefore some people like to add glycerin in their moisturiser to get deep hydration during the extremely dry months! It protects hand from minor cuts also improves scaly texture that gets worse because of prevailing dryness.

Glycerin is good to use directly or with serum or daily moisturiser for intense moisture dose. It is a great night serum when used with rose water. Rose water is a natural toner that helps brighten and freshen skin. Glycerin and rose water combo is safe use for hands and face.


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Oat is another simple way to get soft and fair hands in all weather. The flakes of oats work as a perfect exfoliator that remove darkness and improve skin tone. It is an effective remedy to get fair skin for face and hands.


Take oats which is used as cereal and add either curd or milk! Soak for some time to get smooth consistency. If you wish to get instant results add few drops of lemon and baking soda. Lemon is a natural bleach and baking soda removes dead skin cells. Rub it on hands for few mintues and wash off with cold water. It’s a simple hand routine when you are busy or have no time for intense hand care.

What Else to do?

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  • Do not skip scrubbing as it is very important to get rid off darkness caused by the dead skin cells. Weekly or daily depends how much you need it. If you think you get dark knuckles only in winters then do it on alternate days.
  • Use warm water for scrubbing because it opens up pores and let the product work effectively. Rinse with cold water.
Photo by Burst on Pexels.com
  • Never leave hands dry after washing them or scrubbing, make sure to apply a good hand cream that gives intense moisture for long hours. The more hands are moisturised the more they will be soft and bright.
  • Give a good trim to the nails weekly and clear up in growth. Give up the habit of nail-biting if you have it cause pain to the cuticles.
  • In winters long nails get hard so keeping short nails is great way to save them from sudden cracks.
  • Use mild hand wash soap that has hand softening ingredients.

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