Five Low Calorie Weight Loss Snacks

Losing weight is not an overnight process. An ideal weight loss journey includes a balanced diet & plenty of good exercises that help build immunity also gain muscles. It’s not about starving yourself but eating the right proportion of the right food. One takes patience throughout the process to have the goal accomplished. Over the years I have realised that food plays an effective role in losing weight because one kind of food make you fat while the other burn the fat effectively. Today I am sharing a few snacks that are completely helpful in losing weight also full of nutrients needed for a healthy body. They are filling and perfect for in-between munching, good thing they are prepared easily.

Lotus Seed or Fox Seed

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Lotus seed is known as Makhana. It’s a perfect snack of any time when you think of adding some fuel to your body. A source of protein low cholesterol fat and an excellent source of magnesium. It helps improving digestion and satiate hunger at any time. I personally love munching them after lunch or tea time basically. There are many ways you can have it sweet or salty but since we are talking about weight-loss here sugar is not advisable but honey to make it healthy. Lotus seed is a perfect protein-rich snack when you got nothing else to fill you. Let’s know a quick method to make & store them.


Bowl of lotus seed

Clarified butter

Salt or honey as per sweet or salty cravings


Put the lotus seeds in a medium heated pan and dry roast them until they get crunchy and lose moisture. Add one or two tbs clarified butter as it’s saturated fat and healthy than refined oil or other oils. Olive oil is also an option. Keep stirring all over and be quick as they get easily burnt. When it’s done add a dash of salt black pepper cumin seed powder and mix it together. Keep it in an airtight container for weeks.

Sweet version of lotus seed is made with honey & I love to add cardamom powder to make it flavoured. Make sure to add honey after removing from heat or else it gets burning. So make it your way and enjoy anytime of hunger.


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Peanut is another healthy weight loss option for people on the go. It has protein, fiber saturated fat that helps losing great pounds without compromising taste-buds as one can have it made their way. Since peanuts are protein-rich they keep you full for a longer time. It’s a perfect snack for in-between hunger. If you eat light you can simply soak and boil peanuts with added spices. You can mix it with peas and stir fry. I personally love munching peanuts as my in-between snack. It helps me maintain a diet also keeps me active during the day. If you are following a healthy diet plan don’t miss peanut. It tastes good boiled or roasted, peanut butter is also my favorite bread spread on some days.

Gram seed

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It is also known as Chana and widely used as flour or seed. It is a very good and nutritive snack for one who looks for taste or health together. Packed with a variety of nutrients it is the best source of fiber and energy. One bowl of gram keeps full for a longer time, as has plant-rich protein. It is a perfect weight loss ingredient with loaded health benefits. Keeps cholesterol under control thus maintain weight.

It’s good to have boiled or roasted both ways are delicious. One can always add a choice of veggies or ingredients to make the best snack out of it.

How I make it

I soak a bowl of gram seeds overnight or two to get it sprouted, add simply add one chopped tomato, capsicum & onion. To give it a flavor I like to squeeze the half lemon and mix it thoroughly. Isn’t it super quick and tasty? ENJOY


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Talking about healthy Ingredients and chickpeas is missed not possible! Chickpeas are an excellent source of protein, fiber, vitamins that help in weight management and reduce obesity. Since they are rich in fiber improve digestion. It is very good for those who suffer from constipation. How you have it is completely choice-based. In Northern India, they are fondly used in curry and salad. Dry roasted chickpeas are a perfect evening snack. You can even boil it and consume plenty of veggies or just make hummus. Include chickpeas in your diet for effective weight loss.

Roasted Seeds

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A mixture of variety of seeds such as pumpkin, flex, or melon seeds with added nuts like almond or other dried fruits like cranberry, fig, kiwi becomes a healthy and all time snack specially for diet-conscious people. They are extremely nutritious as loaded with saturated fat, antioxidants vitamins etc that control blood sugar and maintain cholesterol. I love to have them in between during the day for additional energy. They enhance metabolism by clearing gut and a very rich source of fibre. One can home prepared them or have readymade. A perfect snack idea for travellers or people on the go.

How to have roasted seeds

You can directly chew or sprinkle them in your cereals. Another way is to sprinkle them on a bread toast with peanut butter. Think of making healthy bread with roasted seeds at home.


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Almond is a great source of protein and vitamin E. They are excellent for eyesight, hair, and body. Almond is surely an important nut for losing weight as they have plenty of fibre, saturated fat that reduces hunger and help losing weight in an effective way. Daily consumption of soaked almond boosts memory and a perfect way to start a day. Almond milk is a favourite drink of many. Soak a bowl of almonds overnight and have it next morning with a cup of coffee tea or milk. It is completely subjective how you have it. Soaked & peeled almonds are perfect to have in all seasons as the skin is suppose to have during the winters.

Have a great day!

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