Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation Review

Welcome peeps! Lately I have been buying high end foundations and some of them were highly awaited. Charlotte Tilbury is the name to reckon with & my wait is over since it’s launched in India. It’s been a couple of months since I have this foundation but before I speak first wanted to ensure about the hype and the quality of the product. Since I am now confident enough to post a review about the quality and performance so without delay let’s know more of Charlotte Tilbury foundation before investing so you don’t regret later. Read through the post prior adding it to your upcoming beauty cart.

What To Know Before Buying A Foundation

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Skin Type

We all have different skin therefore each product reacts differently. If you want to have your dream base consider your skin first. Suppose it is oily or normal or combination skin. To meet different skin requirements there are different ingredients put into makeup so well study your skin before buying one. I am normal skin type so most of the formulas work well with me or if they don’t I make them work with some tips and tricks. Speaking of skin type, choose matte formula for oily skin & dewy formula for dry skin. If you choose opposite will end up making a bad base. Climate also affect it so pick whatever your need is. Moreover, everyday base should be light to medium coverage for average skin. In case of scars, pigmentation or redness pick full coverage foundation.

How to know your correct skin type

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As I said It is very important to know your skin type & sometimes we are unsure about it. It is easier to determine which skin category you fall under. Normal skin is evenly and not shows oily patches on specific areas. It is uniform all over. Oily skin is shiny because of the excess sebum production and that appears on full face instead of patches. Sign for combination skin is that sebum reflects on either nose forehead or only cheeks in patches not all over. It is half of normal and half of oily skin.

Sunscreen Test

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Sunscreen test is very easy to decide the skin type! All you have to do is to apply a thin layer of the cream and wait for around 15 minutes. You will notice some areas comparatively shiny. That can be nose forehead or cheek area or it might be shiny all over so that says all about skin-type.

CT Foundation Formula

The formula of the foundation is very light yet gives best coverage to the skin. The consistency is weightless easily blend-able thus patch free. This is Charlotte’s magical formula best for hiding pores wrinkles giving you fresh matte finish. Being a pricey foundation you should not worry about quantity as it takes a little for everyday so goes a long way. To have a great base skin prep is essential as the final finish depends on it, the better the skin is the better the formula works. No formula works on unready face. Make sure it is cleared out, hydrated & primed. However dry skin people might need enough hydration before hit the foundation. This formula works wonders on wrinkled or pigmented skin. It stays all day without budge leaving you fresh everyday in summers.

Packaging Shade & Quantity

The first impression of the foundation is luxe, comes with a pump dispenser for easy application. The bottle is thicker glass and that is good for the product life. I am in the shade 6 warm Chaud which is perfect for light to medium skin tone. For reference I fall between nude to yellow undertone & that depends on the brand too. 6 Warm Chaud is perfect shade for asian skin that come under C30. The quantity is 30ml.

Additional Features

  1. It helps significantly reducing the appearance of wrinkles after few days of use because of magic Replexium. (Charlotte’s magic ingredient).
  2. Poreless looking skin.
  3. C.T defence against everyday pollutants that do the ageing fast.
  4. Boosts hydration so that it doesn’t melts.

How To Use

Apply on clean well prepped skin either with brush or a beauty sponge and blend outwards from the centre of the face. Set it up with some makeup fix spray.

My Honest Opinion

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Well I always had mix thoughts when I purchase foundations specially expensive ones but some leave you spellbound with the amazing quality. I am glad I went through buying it keeping my doubts aside. It’s an ideal foundation from day to night occasions or would say everyday foundation. Limit the quantity as per need and it serves you well. It doesn’t give breakouts and gentle on skin & gives a dream coverage. If you are lucky to have already good skin it is going to make it best.

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